Sunday, December 6, 2009

Do you vent much?

Cause I know I do. What did I just find out? My beautiful little brother. Whom I've been so excited to talk to at Christmas, isnt going to be able to phone at Christmas. Cause he's in the middle of freaking no where and doesnt get internet. Or have access to a phone. Seriously? No phone? Bah! Its completely ridiculous. Merry Christmas Baby Brother. All by your lonesome. Poor little turtle. Its so sad. My parents said his mission president might be able to get him near a phone sometime in January. But the whole family isnt around in January! I mean sure, if I'm the only one around to talk to him... bonus for me. Cause I feel like its always a little awkward to talk to missionaries with everyone on the same line. But still. Boo! I dislike this. Immensely. And I know its selfish. And I know I'm a terrible person. Cause he's all serving the Lord and whatnot. But I just want to be able to hear from my baby brother whenever I please. Or at least on a weekly basis. Sadly its looking like that is not gonna be the case with little Joshie. Boo! Am I showing my uber neediness yet?

I just miss my brothers. Terribly. Most days I do alright. But I just miss talking with them. And lately writing to a mysterious unknown and not getting any response... well its just not doing it for me. I want them to console me. To make me laugh. To scold me when I'm clearly thinking like a stupid girl. To listen to me. To play silly games. Cause we do alot of silly games. For instance, Christmas Eve day we usually travel around SoAB making the rounds visiting family. That results in basically a whole day spent in the car. So Matt and I would play endlessly the iPod game. Where one person gets to pick the music and the other has to guess what band is playing (because we're sharing headphones obviously). Matt is brilliant at the game (which is probably why we play it) and I am terrible. Or we take pictures. I make them take fifty billion pictures where we make faces (cause I'm camera happy like that). Or we talk Chinese to each other (not real chinese... come on... it drives our parents nuts which makes it even funnier for us). Or there was the one car ride where we did that sing along from Sister Act II where she sings and the students repeat what she sings. My brothers are the funniest people I know. And then there's the snowboarding trips. There is no one I would rather spend my time with. Whether its me convincing them to watch movies with me, or playing endless hours of card games, until one of us gets frustrated with Josh (cause he is the worst card player ever) or the person who wins at every game and gives up. I just miss them. Terribly. And I know I'm a terrible sister because I didnt miss or really notice when my older brothers Dave and Ben were on their missions, but Josh and Matt are different. And I hate our separation. I mean I know in my head its good. Missions are so amazing. So important. And they are where they're supposed to be for sure. But I'm selfish. And wish they could just be with me. Cause I need them.

The countdown is on tho. Five Tests and Ten Days Till Alberta.


Royall said...

Melissa, I seriously love and admire that your best friends are your borthers. I never noticed how much you look alike until this picture.

Deidre said...

Now you get points for enduring to the end!! I really miss my sister and she is only at BYU, I can't imagine not being able to talk with her.