Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dec. 19 - GA BDAY

So my Grandma Anderson turned 80. And there was a big family party. Its interesting how people start realizing that old people will eventually die and suddenly they start throwing parties and get-togethers, trying to enjoy and make up for the time they wasted over the years. Whatever tho. It kinda made me miss Matt and Josh. I spent fifteen minutes begging Ben to come with me to the family brunch. I needed a brother with me. Matt and Josh would of come with me. He did come but drew the line at getting in any pictures and promptly left immediately after arriving.

Whitney and JJ
It was an interesting day though. Seeing cousins I havent seen in years. I kept forgetting that some of the cousins I feel the closest to, are ones I didnt spend a lot of time in person with when we were younger. And its really only since we've become blogging friends that I've realized how hilarious, and so similar we all are. We have a lot in common. And I love knowing them and their lives and their thoughts. But I kept forgetting that their kids didnt actually know me at all.

Shelly, Carol and Greg

Judy and Doug

Mimi and Angie

After brunch, we went to Max Bell to go swimming.

Katie and Momma

Lindsay and Ryder being crazy faces.

Lindsay, JJ and Whitney

Alana, Erika and Angie.
These three are amazing.

Sure I love all my family but this last year, getting to feel a part of their lives
and letting them into mine has been really great. They're so amazing.
And it makes me really grateful.

Jenelle and Erika

Katie pretty much turned blue being in the pool.
It was hilarious. Poor cold girl.

Carla, Whitney and I

It was a good day. Busy and full of family gossip. My favorite kind of course.
But it was great to be together. And re-kindle the friendships that wane with the distance and separation.
They're my family. And nothing changes that.

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