Saturday, December 26, 2009

Run Run

My dad raps softly on my door this morning and peeks his head in.
"Run Run?"
My eyes flutter open. It takes a moment to let my mind begin to boot up.
I'm still tired. Again, I went to bed late and am woken up early.
"Run Run? Its noon your time."
... ... ...
"Ten am this time. You coming?"

Yes I am coming.
I love the Saturday morning runs with my Dad.
First I am exercising - something I should be doing everyday.
Second - Runs allow us to chat. Its our time together. Just him and me.
I think often about the runs we've taken together, especially when I'm far and away and unable to be part of them.
I'm a sucky runner. But he lets me control the pace.
Doesnt matter if the pace is running him into the ground or ridiculously slow.
I love our runs.
We talk.
It is awesome.
And I never doubt that I am important to him.
There are other people that I may not always feel important to.
But my dad is not one of them.

Our run was a suckfest. Guess thats what I get for not having done cardio since October.
But we got home and cleared all the ice off the driveway.
The whole driveway was ice FYI and not small.
Then we went and washed his truck and my mom's car.
They we went and got bandaid's and hair products.
And then dropped the recycling off and bought pickles.
And he told me that its not fair when I wear makeup... cause it enhances and makes me even more beautiful.
I rolled my eyes at that.
But I love my Dad.
The End.

My mother said there was a huge bug in the garage. And needed my Dad to come kill it.
This is what he brings back in the house...
Can you tell what it is?
Its a huge mother bug - on a tooth pick.

Who does that?

Good thing Dad was there.
My hero.

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amy said...

This post is great. Maybe one day I will talk my dad into a daddy-daughter run.