Friday, December 25, 2009

Pre-Christmas Update

Seriously being in Alberta has been insane. Because I feel like I'm constantly busy. Crazy busy. I just really dont want to miss a moment. Or turn down anything fun to do. Cause as much as I want to experience the fun in the moment, I know that when I get back to Boston, re-living the moments will be half the fun. And completely necessary. Some of my favorite moments:

1. Decorating Christmas Cookies
I dont know that I've ever really done it before. But it was alot of fun. Dallin and I got dessert first and then headed to Cathy's to help her fam jam decorate cookies.

Because Cathy's family hate to lose her. And so do we. So we combine forces. And it really was a great time.

They made fun of me because a couple of the cookies I decorated were ugly. Really ugly. Ugly enough that they gave them to a blind person. Bahahahha.. Yup a straight up real blind person.

2. Lindsay-a-special Dance Parties

Ya, first song EVERY time is this one. It plays on repeat.
We kinda want to shoot ourselves
(well everyone except Linz and the kids).
But they love it. And we allow it.

3. Building a Fort
The children wake me up. And I decided that building a fort would be a good idea.
But I think the last time I made a fort was in Year Two with Julie and Bets. And I
didnt actual participate with the making. So I suppose not the same. Whateves.
Lindsay sucks at taking pics tho. Dang Lindsay.
This is a Fort.

It was made from two chairs tipped on their sides.
And blankets draped over top.
It was ghetto. But the children wanted a place to tell secrets.
And I wanted a dark place to lay and try to sleep more.
(They wake me up early - I'm a tired little girl)

The Fort was kinda uncomfortable.
Ok not so much the fort as the two children climbing on me. More than once I had to dodge the mag-lite they were dragging around.

4. Some Waterton Good Times
(separate post to come)

5. Pilates with the Children

They suck and I rock at it.
Ya I said it.

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Cathy said...

I thought it was very clever to combine forces. Family will never say no to friends joining in the spirit of Christmas, but will say no to any proposed absence this time of year.
I think it went over rather well.