Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ginger Snaps

One weekend, I was asking Dave what Brian and I should do to entertain ourselves.
His response: You should babysit my kids and make me gingersnaps.
And since I'm not opposed to pleasing Dave, Brian and I did just that.

Katelyn loved helping us make the cookies.
She's going to be a cute little homemaker one day considering she loves to bake and sew and she's only five.
And she impressed me with her discovery of a natural smile for the camera (sometimes the children struggle with this). It was pretty adorable watching her and Brian roll the dough into balls and then roll it in sugar.

Of course, Reese, once she discovered what we were doing wanted to help as well. 
This resulted in a very sugary Reesey-babe. And a very sugary floor.
But Brian was cute and helped her wash the sugar and dough off her hands.

One of Reese's favorite things is to have me flip her upside down.
And of course this results in Katelyn wanting a turn.

I love these little girls and their antics. 
And it was fun to babysit and make cookies with Brian.

I feel like living with Dave and Nat has really been the best thing for me. And I hope that when our time in the same house is over that I will have picked up even a little of how brilliant Nat and Dave are. I cant stress enough what great parents and people they are and how much I look up to them and how they are raising their children. I know this period of time will come to an end. But I am grateful for the relationships it is allowing me to develop with Dave and Nat and their kids. And the person they are helping me to become. I've always looked up to Dave and Nat and I love having the opportunity to see how they operate on a daily basis. They do so many little things that I love. Being single can be lonely. Because even if you like your roommates, they arent a family. And I have really loved having a family to be with these last few months. Its just nice to have someone to take care of and to take care of other people too.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Utah Roadtrip - How Bri and I Spent Our Time

I remembered discussing road trips once. The person I talked about it with was of the opinion that road trips were a make or break for couples. And that every couple should go on at least one.
So it was with a little trepidation that I invited Bri to drive to Utah with me. 
But I really shouldn't of been worried. Bri is awesome. And fun. And spending so much time with Matt and Tiff is always my favorite.

We left from Taber and since I love pictures I made Bri take a pre-roadtrip picture.

It honestly was really good that Bri was with me. Cause I am weak sauce when it comes to driving. 
After an hour and half of driving I start to get tired. And then need a four hour nap to be able to be awake again. It was slightly ridiculous. But Bri took is like a champ.


Upon arriving in Utah on the Wednesday, we watched a little How I Met Your Mother while Tiff made some Cafe Rio style dinner. 

The thing I love about Matt and Tiff is that they make anything festive. Since it was Halloween we decided some sort of activity needed to happen. 

We opted for a little Krispy Kreme activity. 
Unfortunately, Bri and I couldnt eat the donuts since we had an entire day driving and eating a hideous amount of candy.

Mostly Bri and I were super thirsty so we went to Sonic.
After we left I found these little gems on my phone.

Matt and Tiff are just the cutest.


 I needed to find something to wear to the wedding, but Bri and I stopped to visit Steph and her kids.

Little Walker is so darling.

It was so great to see Steph and catch up. 

 For dinner Thursday night we went to this little restaurant and got Navajo Tacos. 
Fried dough? Ya, you really can't go wrong with that.

Our waiter was insanely annoying though.
He literally came and asked us every two minutes if we had questions but when we did ask him questions he had no idea. 
Bri paid and we waited in the car while Nicole and Matt and Tiff paid cause Brian couldnt bear to talk to our waiter any more than he had to.

 Once we were done wedding stuff on Friday, we met back up with Matt and Tiff and Nicole and her friend. Tiff had found a little train ride in Heber City for us to entertain us with. 
We stopped at Dairy Keen to eat a little food.
Which was kinda terrible. 

Though the milkshakes werent half bad.

Then it was off to the Train station.

The train ride was funny. 
The train drove out about a half hour and then turned around and drove back.
You couldnt really see anything out the windows and the chocolate they provided was sub-par.
But it was fun. How often do you get to ride on a real train.
And be serenaded by a little girl playing violin.
And a rad train conductor?
I cant make these things up.

Matt and Bri play fought after the ride in the parking lot.

It was a fun night.

 On Saturday, the six of us went to Salt Lake to go to City Creek Mall. 
Bri was thrilled.

But we wandered in and out of store and I found some hipster safety glasses.

And then Bri and I packed up and went to Katie's wedding reception.

Bri and I took turns driving on Sunday. And while I was driving, the gas light went on. Bri said we could make it to Butte so I kept driving. Unfortunately, when the car started stuttering, I realized that was the wrong call and totally resulted in us totally running out of gas. 
The gps said that there was a gas station just up ahead so Bri and I started walking.
The thing I liked about this crappy situation was how Bri handled it. 
We were trying to get him home early, because he still had to drive back to Edmonton. So running out of gas kind of put us behind schedule. But he was such a good sport about it.
We started walking.
I kept hoping that someone would pick us up. By the time we got to the spot that was supposed to have a gas station, we realized that there was no gas station.
We were just debating what to do when a car stopped.
Paul and Gail were a retired couple.
They told us that the nearest gas station was 15 miles away.
They couldnt believe we'd made it so far without getting picked up. They drove us all the way to the nearest gas station and then back to my car.
 We were really lucky they stopped because I'm not sure what we would have done without them.

It was a great trip and I'm glad I was able to go down to Utah and that Bri was able to come with me.
It was fun to have so many days together rather than the quick weekend trips we've been making.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Utah Roadtrip - The Wedding

My dear friend Katie, got married in Utah and luckily I was able to have some time off work to go. I got to see Katie come out of the SLC Temple and go to the family luncheon. 
Katie had mentioned that all of her girlfriends were dressing in wedding colors and that if I wanted to I could as well. Which prompted an afternoon of shopping trying to find something.
It was rather frustrating but Brian was a good sport about it. Since I kept saying things were cute but not right, he finally was like "Screw the colors" and made me just try some stuff on. And I ended up loving what he made me try on and getting it to wear. And then adding a scarf I found that was the right colour to count as my dress in the wedding colors.

Katie was a wonderful friend to me in Boston. She moved to Boston for just my last year in Boston and was really exactly what I needed. And I'm so grateful that I was able to know Katie. She's one of those people that's very kind to everyone, but not in a cheap and gimmicky way. She genuinely cares and makes people feel special. I really love Katie and was happy to get to share in her happy day.

Brian was a sport and came with me. 
I was happy for the company since I basically didnt know anyone else there.
But he hated how many pictures there were. And when I was in pictures he definitely didnt have anyone to talk to.

Katie and her Boston friends (Me, Brenda Heaton, Katie and Kelly Pickett)

Katie's Boston Friends (Diana, Me, Katie, Brenda and Kelly)

I'm really glad I got to go to the Katie's luncheon. We sat at this table with three other couples and in particular, one of the couples was really funny. They asked who we were and we introduced ourselves and that I was friends with Katie and had brought my boyfriend with me. And not even ten minutes later, one of the husbands turns and goes "How long have you two been married?"
We were like... um... we're not.
And he goes "Well this must be the longest date ever."
To which I replied "First date and everything."
And it was slightly ridiculous but really funny.
And Katie's new husband sang to her and that was particularly endearing.

I didnt get much time to talk to Katie, but I was happy to support her even though I'm not a huge wedding person.