Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Crew Halloween

For Halloween, Ness and her roommates decided to be the Spice Girls. And because I have insane hair, I got nominated to be their scary spice. 
I decided to do my hair in really tight curls to try to amp up my hair.
I kinda forgot, that the last time I tried this I had much shorter hair. I got about halfway through and was seriously exhausted. Ness had to come and help me finish. It took ages.

I love Halloween and I absolutely can't just put in any mild effort to a costume. A little bit, it was disappointing because I felt like I went crazy hardcore and the rest in the group kinda just looked normal. And they kept suggesting I do even more ridiculous things... like the "horns" for my hair. But as long as we stayed together, we at least mostly looked pretty legit. So that was a little disappointing cause I felt like I looked crazy. And a little gross. 
I felt gross. Super gross.
Then again, I was making crazy faces, so that probably didnt help. Neither did the face paint I covered myself with.

But it was fun to be part of a group. We went costume shopping together, and got ready together. I really like being a part of the crew. Even though it wasnt my favourite costume, dressing up is still fun and even though a little bit I hated how insane I looked, I love seeing the pictures of it. Well, now that I'm freed from how hideous brown face paint is.

The dance we went to was kinda lame. 

And when Brian showed up, he was HORRIFIED by how I looked.
I had sent him pictures but seeing it live in color was apparently a completely different thing.
He thought I looked so weird. He didnt want to get any face paint on him. He was totally off-put.
And insisted that a shower happen immediately. Which since I felt kinda gross, I wasnt opposed to.

Still, crew activities are kinda my favorite. And my Halloween hardcoreness shows that I have great follow through.

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