Monday, May 30, 2011

Week 3 - Day 14

SW - 155
CW - 153
Down 2 lbs; 13 to go!

The good:
- Turns out not eating garbage isnt terribly hard when you have decent motivation for it. Oh, and refuse to step foot in your favorite local bakery. Yes I still have my moments, but I feel like 1. Not eating after 8pm and 2. This entire healthy eating makeover, have made me more cognizant of the eating choice I've been making. So even when I dont follow to the letter the goals I've set, I'm choosing the less terrible options. Because if I were being honest, I'm good at being dedicated to running (I mean I've been pretty much consistently running with only a couple weeks off here or there since my first year of University) and generally working out. The actual quantifying of my goals has help refine my focus.
- Also, I kinda forgot how simple and easy it is to pop in my favorite Pilates video and do it 5 times a week. The best abs I ever had happened when I was doing Pilates five times a week and running every day, so I'm hoping to get back to that state.

The bad:
- Speaking of Pilates, its super lame that my DVD player will no longer hook to the tv. Ghetto stupid electronics. I've been taking my lap top out into the main room, but my lap top is a tidge ghetto. And its annoying to have to do that. But whatever works.
- Can we just talk about how for some odd reason running has it out for me. See, I think I've determined the main problem I have with running well is that it is SUCH a mental sport. And well, mentally, sometimes I suck. I have all these mental roadblocks I've thrown up all over the map and all these expectations that I toss around willy nilly. As such, running kills me sometimes. But even though running is pretty much sucky, I guess it doesnt matter. I'm doing it anyways. I got recommended that I read "The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer" and I really like that the authors realize what a huge impact your mental health can have on your training. Since I'm only training for a half, if a particular week is especially sucky for me, I've been repeating it to give my body a chance to get on board. Of course having a hideous cold last week didnt really help my running. I stopped to hack a lung today and some concerned runner came up to make sure I wasnt dying or something. Nope, just coughing for the kicks. For real though. It has just become hella hot here in Boston, and I've officially decided I need one of those super dorky running water bottle belts. I can no make it without water.

I'm really trying hard to keep in mind that consistency and patience are gonna be what help this endeavor pay off in the end. I just need to remember that today I am stronger than I was yesterday and I need to keep going, keep building, keep pushing and achieving.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Me Day

Some days clinic makes me want to scream. Even when I havent been in the actual clinic for a few days, I dread the drudgery of it. The signatures, the stress, the tedious paperwork, the less than stellar patients, the less than stellar faculty. Usually I keep my chin up and dont shirk all the work that needs to be done. I'll call that patient, or work on a written analysis or track that faculty member I needed to talk to down. Taking it in manageable bite size steps. (The downside is that I never really feel I've accomplished anything cause of my baby productivity ways). But occasionally taking a completely stress free day all for yourself is just what you need to beat the clinic blues.

The other day I went to a movie at noon. I got an awesome shake. I took a glorious meandering walk through the city - even stopping to give someone direction. And then I went home and guilt free watched tv. I didnt rush anywhere. I didnt think about how far on my to do list I had gotten. I just enjoyed my own company and the city in which I live.

It was one of the best days I've had in a while. And as such I highly recommend that everyone should take a Me Day every now and then. Off days make the on days more manageable.

Monday, May 16, 2011

14 Weeks - Day One

I am obsessive about many things, but one of them in particular is looking good in the "Big Moment" Photographs. And yes, my brother's wedding counts as a Big Moment for me. Its a little ironic that I attribute being happy with being thin. I know they dont necessarily go hand in hand. But its almost as if, if I could attain this one goal, that the other areas of my life that often feel in shambles would straighten themselves out. It takes commitment and will power. Two areas that I've been sorely lacking at lately.

But I dont want photos taken that I hate. I dont want to look at the pictures from Matt's wedding, and hate them all because I hate how I look. And I most certainly dont want all his friends from highschool, to see me looking frumpy and hideous. Because if I was being honest, I'd have to admit that Lethbridge in particular brings out the worst of my age old insecurities - because I feel like the slightly uncool grade twelver, hanging out with the grade teners. I know that I am often not pulled together. I have more than my fair share of things I dislike about myself, ranging from emotional to spiritual to physical. And I just want to have one thing that feels put together. And then maybe I'll be able to add and change something else I'm dissatisfied with after that.

I've never been severely overweight. But it irritates me when people think that that is reason enough why I should be perfectly satisfied with myself. Why I should never speak of my discontent. Because there are people who have it so much worse than me. But why cant my dissatisfaction be enough? I dont like how I look. That fact alone ought to make my desire to change substantial enough.

As an added support to my goal, I suggested to my family that we have a weight loss challenge for the wedding to see who can lose the most. And they're down for it.

Today was Day One.
I usually am not one to broadcast, but I guess I want the accountability this will provide. So I'll be posting my progress every week.

Here are my goals:
Start Weight: 155
Goal Weight: 140

I realize that fifteen pounds is no small feat. And that I need to lose about 1 pound a week for the next 14 weeks. I pretty much have been trying to lose weight since I can remember, and have never managed anything quite so dramatic (well, besides losing the weight I gained upon moving to MA - but that was excessive and completely necessary). So I've come up with a plan of action to achieve this. I didnt want to make it super restrictive so that I would cave, but I also want it to be a big change. Its going to be hard. I already wanted to cave today. But I want this, and I just need to remember that. I want to look in the mirror and like what I see.

- No eating after 8pm
- Drink two glasses of water before every meal
- Eat when hungry only
- Eat 5 servings of fruit/vegatables
- No sugar Mon-Fri
- Sugar in moderation on the weekend (for instance: one of something sweet or choosing the smaller option of dessert)
- Pilates 5 times a week
- Run 4 times a week

Lately my running has been horrendous. I've been running. But it hasnt been pretty. So I'm hoping that changing my eating habits will help. Because that half marathon is coming up. And I'd really appreciate not dying.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Milford Drive-In

One of my favorite things about Aaron and Sabrina, is that they have all these amazing fun places they like to go. They go on cutsie little outtings for date night. So when they mentioned that there was a drive-in nearby and suggested we plan a group outting... Come on... Drive-ins are right up my alley.

I was a little worried that we would be late.
Cause we left about 45 mins later than we had originally intended.
And I get panicky about being late to movies.
I really hate being late to movies.
But us leaving late actually worked out just fine.
We actually beat Aaron and Sabrina's car out there, even though they left at the intended time.

The Drive In was great.
We brought lawn chairs and blankets (though truthfully I was freezing and pretty much a bum because I stole Sabrina's jacket, Meg's jacket, and an extra blanket on top of the one I brought and I was still freezing) and set them up just outside of our cars. 
Then we headed to get some snacks before the movie started. 
Popcorn, nachos, ice cream, candy, floats, pretzels, and a plethora of other treats awaited us.

Dee was making the most hilarious sad/grumpy face ever. And right before the camera went off she changed it to a smile. 

I'm sad this picture is a little blurry. But sometimes thats what happens when strangers take pictures.

To Sum Up - Drive Ins are AWESOME because...
- They have this awesome retro feel to them
- You can talk and laugh a little more freely than in a movie theater
- You have SO MUCH MORE SPACE (plus you dont really need to worry about obnoxious people sitting right behind you - though the weed smokers nearby were a bit much)
- You can bring whatever goodies you like
- Its like $20 per car... two movies for $5... Ya... that is a steal!
- The concession is above and beyond regular concessions
- Having a blanket with you is not weird
- The experience is one to remember!


Stay Behind The Line

Did I mention that I'm an awesome rule follower?

Friday, May 13, 2011


It seems as though I only do touristy things with the Barry family.
Which I'm quite alright with.
Dan's parents and sister are visiting Boston so they were headed to the Museum of Fine Arts to have a look around. They have this awesome new exhibit (Chihuly Exhibit) with blown glass that Lucinda, Dee and I had talked about seeing at some time, so when Lucinda invited me to tag along, I figured that would be a good use of the day.
The MFA is HUGE. Seriously, such a big building. Its kinda amazing how big all the rooms are.
These next things were a few of my favorite pieces.
It was a very low key walk through. 
Which, as it turns out, is just how I like it.
I dont need to see everything all at once (I get tired of walking).
I actually think that since becoming friends with the Barry's, I've become much better at enjoying museums and the likes. It used to bore me to tears all that walking about. And even still, I definitely like somethings better than others - in general I dislike abstract paintings - like Picaso and the likes. And old furniture and bowls and stuff... yup, not my favorite.
But I liked photography.
And I liked the old pianos we saw.
And the occasional sculpture.
And portrait paintings.
Ok. I liked alot of paintings. Paintings are awesome. I wish I painted.

I loved how these little girls looked - and I loved that their last name was spelt just how my friend Royall spells hers.

I like this man. And feel like I've seen this before.
But for the life of me I cant recall when.

Chihuly Exhibit
I love how the light passes through the pieces in interesting ways, forming wonderful patterns on the walls.

This ceiling was really cool to look at.

But these chandelier type deals were even cooler.

Old Boston Map

Dear Cathy,
I tried texting this to you.
Because I stumbled upon this in real life.
And for real. Who else would appreciate that but you.
Love Missy

How gorgeous is this painting of a slave ship wreckage?

I like things that are visually appealing. What can I say? I like things that look pretty.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Funny Tragic Little Somethings of Today

When someone, under their breath, judges your appearance. 
"Holy sporty outfit"
Why yes. I do look rather sporty right now. 
I mean I just ran 4 miles. It kinda goes with the activity.

That person who comments on how quickly you overtake them on the sidewalk.
I promise you dear lady, that its no special skill of mine to walk quickly while carrying groceries. Mostly I was walking quickly cause my bags were heavy and I figured if I walked quicker I'd get home quicker. I reasoned that one out. But if you feel the need to make me my very own "speed grocery carrier walker" trophy, well, I wont stop you. Oh, and feel free to play with the name on the trophy.

When you go looking for your faculty to check your work 
and discover that he has left for a meeting.
Um... how am I supposed to get my work checked? 
Not to mention we were in the middle of a summative.
Wanna see me go from perfectly fine to meltdown 
verge of tears in two seconds flat? Turns out it doesnt take much. 
Thats embarrassing.

When the staff at the local bakery/eatery around
the corner go "Oh HEY! How are you today?"
Yup... I might go there too often.

When you eat fresh food, for the first time in weeks and remember why you love it so. Dear Guacamole. You Complete Me. (And I know I've said that about other food items, but I really mean it this time). Love Missy

Girlie Day

I have never been a "paint my nails" type of girl. In fact, for a significant portion of my childhood, I wasnt allowed to paint my nails. I tell ya, you paint your baby brothers nails once and make a teeny tiny mess and you never get to forget about it. I'd legitimately be in trouble if I came home with painted nails from my cousins or friends houses'. And then by the time I no longer would get in trouble for having painted nails, my desire to have them done was kind of over. I like how my nails, sans color, look. So needless to say, I've never been huge on pedicures and manicures. 
But I like spending time with my friends.
And ok - sometimes I think its pretty too.

Dont you love my mermaid-y color? I kinda love it.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011


Dear Asian Spicy Noodles
You complete me. And burn my mouth a little.
But its worth it. Because you are delicious.

Dear This Weeks First Run
Thank you thank you thank you.
I really appreciate you not making
my legs feels like lead weights.
Or like you hate me. Cause last
week you were a little bit of a jerk.
Just sayin.

Dear Crazy Patient
You are discontinued.
Suck it. 

Dear Clinic
I'm happy you no longer compete
for my attention against classes, 
but truthfully I'm a little sick of you.
Can we take a break?
... ... ...
FINE. I suppose I'll stop pretending
you dont exist then.