Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Class Acts

A Class Activty.

Starts so simply... All you need is the perfect pair of shoes.

Got that?

Add a little competitive spirit.  Between friends of course.
Maybe a GrlBy Faceoff... Where the girls win of course.

And everyone has fun not studying.
For real though... a class activity not focused on a bar... I will take that.  

We bowled... and just had fun hanging out.  I hung out with some of the EXCEL-lers I havent been around since our Summer classes.

Like Adar... she's adorable.  

And Christian, Salemah, Sybil and Mel C. 
Beth and Sara here are also some of my classmates... adorable... and really short.
Overall really great night.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Carve a little place for me...

Sometimes Fridays are the BEST day!  Ok... really mostly they're long and lots of classes but when I get to that Dental Anatomy Lab... Suddenly I get all zen and everything is good with the world.  Especially if its a good carving day.  And today was just such a day!
Now carving can be sorta awkward.  Because you start with nothing and have to make it look like something you would see if your mouth.  And the guy who does our demos is a freaking wizard with the wax-ups.  What takes me like two hours to get looking normal he just whips together like its nothing.  He's all "I'll just make those proximal contacts and put a little here and add to the tip"s... and suddenly its a fully functional looking tooth.   I try that... results arent quite the same.  And there are all these "real" dentists wandering around just in case we need help.  I like to at least have something to work with before I ask them... But for the most part they're trying not to get us discouraged so I often have to be like "Ya, it looks retarded.. how do I fix it?"
So I take what they say and make it into something remotely tooth like.  But my favorites are when I'm doing the carving and I'm in the zone and suddenly the tooth looks like a tooth.  Such a good feeling.  Makes me feel a little less pressure for when I'm actually doing the clinical stuff. Because while everyone, if they work hard enough, can do well at the didactic part of the curriculum... some people are just better at the clinical than others.    

My dad makes me a little nervous cause he's positive I'll really do well clinically.  But I worry sometimes.  So good carving days... they make me feel better. 
My only problem with carving is that it shows that I have TERRIBLE posture.

I'll work on that.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Secret Secret

So sometimes I'm a stalker.  I admit it.  I creep on people.  And I'm not ashamed.

But as such, sometimes I get to do kinda fun secret type things.  For instance, I was looking at my brother Dave's facebook page.  And saw that he was searching for the game "Nuke: The Last Board Game on Earth (1984)".  And I thought it might be fun to surprise him with the game.  So I took to my trusty internet and did my own search.  But let me tell you... Nuke is not a well known game.  Google barely recognized it and eBay and amazon had no clue.  I remember it from childhood as a game the "Big kids" would get to play in the attic room of my grandpa lowry's house.  But I wasnt often invited to such a gathering.  If I was really lucky they'd let me climb up the ladder and watch.  But only if I was really lucky.  

So I searched.  Hard for this game.  But every website that the game title linked me to didnt actually have the game.  It would just give me a speel about what the game was like.  

World Powers battle for control of the world using forces that include modern day tactical and nuclear weapons.  But watch out! Launch too many missiles and the Earth is plunged into a dark and cold Nuclear Winter!... and No one wins.

Good... but not quite what I was looking for.  

But then I came to an interesting website.  Full of magic missiles being sent into the darkness.

Welcome to the web site of Noble Knight Game, mail order experts in new and out-of-print Role Playing Games, War Games, Board Games and Miniatures!
And that is where I found it.  

 So this was the ONLY website that actually had the game.  And I went to check back today and it no longer has it.  But I conferred with Josh as to whether it was lame to send the gift to Dave secretly.  Or if I should let him know.  Cause I didnt have his address.  I kinda remembered it a bit... but that dang postal code is hard to make up.  But the thought of Dave's face when he opened it, not knowing where it came from, had me going back and forth.  But Josh assured me that he could get the address and Dave wouldnt think twice about it... and also that Dave wouldnt be able to find the game on his own.  So I went for it.

And today Dave got it.  Josh texted me and said Dave had called so I had Josh tell me Dave's reaction.  Cause I had them send it without the receipt so he wouldnt have any clue where it came from.  Like I had thought he had no idea where it came from.  But he was so excited he called Josh to let him know they were gonna play it.  And when Dave found out I sent it to him this is what he wrote me on facebook.

"You have now moved up the rankings from pretty solid to best ever!  You must have a horse shoe up your butt to have such serious luck!  What, you ask, am I referring to?  You may have a good idea.  Let me elaborate using a post I made in various places earlier today.

'I'm sitting here a little bit confused, grateful, and somewhat awestruck at the moment.  Just a few minutes ago the doorbell rang and I was delivered a package that was apparently sent from Wisconsin on the 9th of January.  In it a brand new copy of this very game that I posted on this board as well as on the Lethbridge and Area Swap N' Buy group board.  I can only assume that someone from here or there anonymously found, purchased and sent this game to me.  It's the only way that I can wrap my head around it.  Thank-you soooo much mystery individual.  I have looked for this game for several years in vain.  It carries with it precious memories and sentiment.  Whoever you are, you just made my new year!'

After a very minimal amount of digging and some very light interrogation of Josh (I dont want him holding any state secret behind enemy lines) I found out... IT WAS YOU! Mad credit to you and much thanks."

It woulda been fun for him to not know... but its also nice to hear that I moved up in the rankings.  I just love my family and want them to be completely and ridiculously happy.  So I'm really happy that I decided to keep that horse shoe around.  Hopefully it'll come in handy the next time I need it. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sometimes all you need is a letter...

... there were two young girls, Blonde and Brunette.  
They both decided to move to Edmontonialandia in their first year away from school and a magic organizer got them both to move into the same fairytale apartment and had them sharing a room.  Instantly they decided that they were perfect roommates for each other and became best friends.  But soon Blonde got swept off her feet by a charming Prince leaving Brunette to go about her daily life.  They stayed close but as the years and distance grew they forgot their instant connection and let their lives lead them apart.  And then one day Brunette remembered  Blonde and her fondness for her, and poured out via a letter the contents of her life.  The Blonde responded in such a manner that quite easily the Brunette remembered why they had stayed friends and why they would always be friends.  The end. 

But for real... I love getting letters/emails/facebook messages.  But the best is when you get a letter and you cant help but smile a real smile and laugh a real laugh at the contents held within.  There's just something really great about being able to feel like no matter the distance, or the time between talking, when I see that friend again it'll be like nothing changed.  The details of our lives will be different but the friendship we share will be unhampered by time.  And today I got such a letter.  It was perfect.  

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Slush Puppies In Your Face

So something that Boston is becoming famous for in my mind is this odd little habit it has of snowing... and then promptly raining.  It creates that oh so fun slush... EVERYWHERE.  I've gotten very good a dodging the parts that look like they might get me damp.  But today... after it raining all day yesterday, I came out of the house to clear skies.  And icy death traps under foot.  I will say I did pretty good keeping my wits about me as I was walking... but I went to pass a slow walker, and wasnt watching my footstep and right as I was about to pass I hit an ice patch... slide past him and biffed it to my buttom.  And I never did get to pass him.  

So... yesterday I was surfing facebook... and saw that another cousin has bitten the dust.  Dear Carla is abandoning a sisterhood of single cousins for eternal bliss.  Dang her.  No really its awesome.  Weird a bit.  Cause in my mind I think all us cousins are still too young to be married.  And those that are... mainly the Coppieters, I never see.  Out of sight, out of mind.  And somehow the fact that Angie, whose blog I stalk, has two kids and a hubbie doesn't really factor in in my mind.  She just happens to have mini blonde asian babies and a boyfriend.  

So I guess somehow growing up has snuck up on me.  Sneaky bugger.

But today... oh it was kinda a dream.  I had a IDP lab (aka Intro to Dental Practices)... pretty much the only practical class I've got going on this year.  And we did some prophylaxis, sealants and fluoride.  Thats right world.  I now am certified to clean, seal and fluoride those teeth... Woot.  I like days like this.  Mainly cause it beats the studying I'm avoiding.  But this semester feels good on me.  I thought I would be alot more sad about leaving the fam jam and any friends who actually use my phone number... I mean usually it takes me a week just to get back into the swing of things after a Lethy visit... but maybe I'm more self sufficient than I give myself credit.  I like having the time to just think my own thoughts.  And there's something nice about not having anyone around.  Dont get me wrong.  If my school happened to decide to relocate to SoAB I'd be there in a flash and learn to close my door when I want some me time.  But all in all I'm feeling pretty good about this semester.  We'll see how the "new semester" feel lasts.  

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What I Wouldnt Give...

So during Christmas I went to one of my friends' houses for the first time.  And he gave a typical tour of the place... Rack of guns on the wall... It is the north side.  Wall covered with swords.  Northside.  Oh.. and random suits of armor?  I'm gonna say that one is a quirk.  But as we're looking around all the sudden shining behind a suit of armor I spot something AMAZING.   

A personalized, full size cardboard cutout of my friend Jeb.  Seriously.  Why had I not known about this before?  Why wasnt he flaunting this treasure in my face?  I instantly loved it more than words.  
Who could not love it?
And now it has become something that I wish I had.  Seriously how awesome would it be to have a cardboard cutout of yourself.  I'll leave you to ponder all the uses but all I know is I want one.  
Cathy (Frache) and I even went so far as to ask his mom where she got it.  In Calgary somewhere... they had someone make it.  

So I've got cardboard cutout envy... and Jeb tries to hide his behind suits of armor... Shame shame.    

Travel Excursions Part 2

This post is specifically for Alana... cause I had kinda forgotten about it/was gonna skip it.  And if you dont like millions of pictures of me you might want to avoid it too.

So I arrive in Houston at 4 am.  And I'm not sure if it was the stress wearing off or just be being crazy but I was not sleepy.  Also I was pretty determined to see if I couldnt leave earlier than 9 am.  Cause since I had finally left Boston, Alberta was calling my name... Hard. 

But the gate my 9am flight was leaving from wasnt posted.  And seeing as Houston is a big airport I didnt really know where to chill and I hate waiting in the wrong spot.  Thats just asking for something to go wrong... aka me falling asleep and missing my flight.  So I was wandering a bit trying to find someone to talk to that would know anything.  And let me tell you.  At 4 am that is hard to come by.  In fact there is no one.  So I wandered.  I tried to find other terminals... but that was a no go.  But I did discover that AirCanada was leaving for Calgary at 7am.  And I could just picture the beauty that would be arriving two hours early.  So at like 5 am... after seriously wandering... I went to the check in desk of my airline.  So I go up and the people are all standing around but the second I come up there is this air that I'm retarded to ever having had a question for them.  Not a good air to be floating around but my success from the night before and my eagerness to go home beat that out.  

So I ask the first woman who makes eye contact, if its possible for me to change my ticket so I can leave on the AirCanada flight.  I mean I full well knew it was possible, but sometimes its easier to get what you want if you phrase it as a question.  And this woman tells me that its impossible.  There is no way you can change your ticket to a different airline.  That sort of thing just doesnt happen.  And while she's speaking, I'm holding up my previous ticket, in my head going "No no no... it is possible... otherwise I wouldnt be here."  But she shooed me away and left me to the 1-800 number.... 

Those dang 1-800 numbers... How is it possible that they think those are of any use?  They are totally just used to get people to leave their comfy spot in line and look like an idiot as they talk to no one in particular saying random words such as: "Yes" "No" "International" "Flight" "Not domestic".

But the 1-800 number has me on hold and so I decide to try the people at the desk again.  Apparently I'm a glutton for punishment.  So this time a man comes over... I dont even step out of the part where you're supposed to wait in line for the next available... He wants me no where near a monitor that could actually be brought to use.  So I ask him if it would be possible for him to check on his computer for a flight transfer.  He tells me its not possible.  And I wise up and tell him that I had a big storm in Boston and that my flight got switched from one airline to another and I knew it was possible.  And he tells me that they dont switch flights from  one airline to another for bad weather.  That is my favorite.  Even though I am completely proof of the fact that they do do that, he just tells me I must be wrong. Right.  I'm standing here cause I'm wrong.  

So by this time I'm giving up.  Screw coming home early.  I should be grateful for getting out of horrid Boston in the first place.  And these people are wretchedly useless.  I really do think that all airline people might be out to get you... Just watch out for that.  So I try to go through the security check... except... oh wait... its closed till like 5:30.  Great... I'm so happy I get to sit with all the people I asked questions of who definitely rejected me.   But being as I really did have just one more question for them I go up and ask them another question.

All I want to know is where the most likely spot for my flight would be.  Since its gate is still not posted.  And the woman (a different one), tells me that I need to take the shuttle to terminal A.  Now this shuttle is less like a shuttle and more of an underground train that you would find at an amusement park for little children.  Great idea.  Except its kinda awkward sitting in the little cubicle sized places across from someone else.  I donno about the rest of you but I would rather not make awkward eye contact.  

So i take this train thing... and it takes a bit because I'm at terminal E and have to go through the alphabet to terminal A.  But I make it to terminal A and there is NO ONE at the airline desk.  Not even a hint of a person.  So I'm like great.  What now?  But air Canada happened to have its desk so I go up and ask them if its possible to switch from one airline to another to catch an earlier flight.  And the woman tells me to use their toll free phones and phone the 1-800 number.  

So I should be smarter.  I should know that 1-800 numbers are the bain of my existance.  But I'm naive.  And so I try the number.  All I have to say is Air Canada.  Shame shame.  They were the worst of the bunch.  They dont even pretend like there is some hope of talking to a real person.  No... they just put you on this silent hold.  And so I sat for awhile but when I looked at the departure board my flight wasnt even listed anywhere... so that didnt sit well with me.  So i gave up and took the train back to the right terminal.

But sneaky sneaky woman from my airline.  She was tired of my questions so she sent me on a wild goose chase.  Who sends someone to a completely wrong terminal for their flight?  Not nice is all I have to say.  

But I got back to terminal E and thought about going and yelling at the woman.  But then I decided I would rather go sit in the right place and veto yet another useless line.  So I went through security.  By this time its about 6:30 am.  

Now my flight gate was finally posted.  So i scoped out the area and realised I was incredibly bored.  So my computer came out.  But really there's not much to waste time on, on my computer... that is except for photobooth.  So i took many photos looking like I was tired of waiting.      
So really you can only make a bored face for so long... So I decided to make many faces...
As you can tell... I got very bored.  

But the real life saver for me was when the stores opened up... and I found 

Serial killers, murder, love... what more could you ask for in a book?

So I get on the plane... and I'm sitting by the window next to this mother and daughter.  And the mom is so awkward and made it awkward for me to get into my seat.  But unfortunately half way through the flight I needed to go to the washroom.  And the mom is all "Great I'm gonna have to wake up my daughter."  (Her daughter was like 14)... and I'm like no I'll just step over.  Except I got one foot over the mountain of things on the floor and realised I had no where to put my other leg... So I shimmy stepped forward, was completely unstable and totally woke her daughter up.  My bad.  

But I finally got to Calgary... and seeing Alberta for the first time in six months... It was a dream.  
Oh it is definitely love!
So I get in and find my mom and Josh.  And my mom proceeds to tell me a story.

"So Remember last night when I was on the phone with you and you were upset and I'm telling you at least you get to come home for Christmas?  Well I was talking to Aunt Judy today, and she was telling me how she was on the phone yesterday with Erika.  And she proceeded to tell Erika at least she wasnt stuck in an airport."

She and Aunt Judy would tell their children the exact same thing.... Anderson sisters.