Thursday, January 15, 2009

Secret Secret

So sometimes I'm a stalker.  I admit it.  I creep on people.  And I'm not ashamed.

But as such, sometimes I get to do kinda fun secret type things.  For instance, I was looking at my brother Dave's facebook page.  And saw that he was searching for the game "Nuke: The Last Board Game on Earth (1984)".  And I thought it might be fun to surprise him with the game.  So I took to my trusty internet and did my own search.  But let me tell you... Nuke is not a well known game.  Google barely recognized it and eBay and amazon had no clue.  I remember it from childhood as a game the "Big kids" would get to play in the attic room of my grandpa lowry's house.  But I wasnt often invited to such a gathering.  If I was really lucky they'd let me climb up the ladder and watch.  But only if I was really lucky.  

So I searched.  Hard for this game.  But every website that the game title linked me to didnt actually have the game.  It would just give me a speel about what the game was like.  

World Powers battle for control of the world using forces that include modern day tactical and nuclear weapons.  But watch out! Launch too many missiles and the Earth is plunged into a dark and cold Nuclear Winter!... and No one wins.

Good... but not quite what I was looking for.  

But then I came to an interesting website.  Full of magic missiles being sent into the darkness.

Welcome to the web site of Noble Knight Game, mail order experts in new and out-of-print Role Playing Games, War Games, Board Games and Miniatures!
And that is where I found it.  

 So this was the ONLY website that actually had the game.  And I went to check back today and it no longer has it.  But I conferred with Josh as to whether it was lame to send the gift to Dave secretly.  Or if I should let him know.  Cause I didnt have his address.  I kinda remembered it a bit... but that dang postal code is hard to make up.  But the thought of Dave's face when he opened it, not knowing where it came from, had me going back and forth.  But Josh assured me that he could get the address and Dave wouldnt think twice about it... and also that Dave wouldnt be able to find the game on his own.  So I went for it.

And today Dave got it.  Josh texted me and said Dave had called so I had Josh tell me Dave's reaction.  Cause I had them send it without the receipt so he wouldnt have any clue where it came from.  Like I had thought he had no idea where it came from.  But he was so excited he called Josh to let him know they were gonna play it.  And when Dave found out I sent it to him this is what he wrote me on facebook.

"You have now moved up the rankings from pretty solid to best ever!  You must have a horse shoe up your butt to have such serious luck!  What, you ask, am I referring to?  You may have a good idea.  Let me elaborate using a post I made in various places earlier today.

'I'm sitting here a little bit confused, grateful, and somewhat awestruck at the moment.  Just a few minutes ago the doorbell rang and I was delivered a package that was apparently sent from Wisconsin on the 9th of January.  In it a brand new copy of this very game that I posted on this board as well as on the Lethbridge and Area Swap N' Buy group board.  I can only assume that someone from here or there anonymously found, purchased and sent this game to me.  It's the only way that I can wrap my head around it.  Thank-you soooo much mystery individual.  I have looked for this game for several years in vain.  It carries with it precious memories and sentiment.  Whoever you are, you just made my new year!'

After a very minimal amount of digging and some very light interrogation of Josh (I dont want him holding any state secret behind enemy lines) I found out... IT WAS YOU! Mad credit to you and much thanks."

It woulda been fun for him to not know... but its also nice to hear that I moved up in the rankings.  I just love my family and want them to be completely and ridiculously happy.  So I'm really happy that I decided to keep that horse shoe around.  Hopefully it'll come in handy the next time I need it. 


Lana Dawn said...

best sister ever!!!

Linz said...

your something else little sis!!! i have some of the same memories that you do ... even though i was a "big kid" i never really got into playing but i remember watching!!! oh ya ... you can find postal codes at ... just so you know!