Sunday, May 24, 2009


So this past week, I went to Jasper to spend some time with the fam jam.
It may have involved family team hats.

Beautiful Jasper scenery...
I told Josh to pose.  It was hilarious.  He stood straight and raised his arm up.  Great pose Josh.  You're awesome.

We three golfers were total posers at Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course.  Who knew golf courses had dress codes?  Yup my fam definitely didnt.  It was a fun little adventure though.  Especially considering I've only been golfing barely once.  

We took a spin on the driving range as we waited for our tee time.

Wait - can you see the ball?  Oh wait, I missed it and its still on the tee.

Josh was the instigator of our golfing.  He's H-core like that.

Arent we a cute little cart train?

Dad was a menace with the cart... he totally rammed the back of Lindsays'... It was kinda great.

Lindsay and Mom had a great time driving their spectator cart around.

Have I mentioned that Alberta is Beautiful.
Cause it is.
Mom was a bit of a heckler and thought she could do better.  So we let her try her hand.  My dad schooled Josh and I and was even calling his shots.  He may have been pointing to the trees. Its tough to say.  

18 Holes is Super duper long... We were tired by the end.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Enter Sandman

Those of you that don't know, must realise that as my Dad peacefully drifts into dreamland, he also snores like a banshee. It is death to my ears and restful sleep. As such I decided that this little respite in Jasper would not go well if there wasnt some solid sleeping on my part. My solution you ask?
Ear Plugs

Greatest Decision EVER.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello Beautiful

Right at this very moment I am breathing the fresh, crisp, much loved, Canadian air. Yes, its a little colder here than I would of liked... with a ridiculous sporting of snow. I mean did Canada not get the bulletin that it is in the end of May? Cause pretty sure everywhere else did. No bother though. I had a short reunion with Cathy this morning and feel like I can now be in a constant state of Joy at the thought of regaining the presence of my former family and friends. There is no more waiting. I'm in love with the thought of being beloved again, as only an inner circle of closest companions can do.

I generally dont mind flying. But with it always comes an annoying amount of needless stress. But give me a good book and I generally make good use of my free time. Happily there was no drama this time around. Which was a nice change from December's flight home. But when I got to Edmonton... they made me do a bag search. Why you ask? Could it be that I look like a terrorist? Have a suspicious nature about me? Nope... they pulled me aside because I had been gone for five months, was female and hadnt gone shopping. Ridiculous. Whatever though, I was freed from the confines of airports quickly enough.

My friend Ben picked me up. What a good friend!
My flight was late and I'm sure it wasnt on his number one wish list of things to do... but he's a champ. And did it cause I needed him to. Maybe I'll feel this way with everyone, but it was an odd kind of normalcy that immediately settled. Despite the large span of time it was like I had never left. The streets of Edmonton were still completely familiar to me. The City of Champions. At one point I told Ben I was just happy to be able to see people in person again - I mean I could touch his arm if I wanted to. And as I touched his arm to prove the point, Ben was like "Ya, dont do that again." hahah I'm glad he hasn't lost any of his spunk or teasing. He did say that he had kinda forgotten how uncompromisingly honest I can be sometimes. Apparently distance has the effect of blurring any ill effects of my personality. Funny boy.

Anyways my book of choice this flight?
Jane Austen's Persuasion. As I've never beforehand read a Jane Austen, I was a little worried that I've become too accustomed to the modern style of writing. I guess I would say that reading classic novels is like being on the outside looking in, whilst reading modern novels is like you are immediately present. Dont take that to mean I dont get into classic novels just the same. Cause as soon as I got used to the language and manner of speech, it was a done deal.

There is something enticing to me about a story of young love that was divided, only through re-examination and a chance of fate, to find that love endures time quite well. Call me romantic I suppose. And the little nuances of manner. Freak... I have no idea how they decided to marry people ever back then! I mean, all intentions and feelings were hidden and you had to speculate meaning at every turn. Definitely a more trusting age I would think. I cant say I could be so trusting. For me intentions mean nothing. It is all about the actions. Because too often words fall short. They feign interest, mislead and can be deceiving. Anyways, the reason I decided against Pride and Prejudice or Emma as my first choice of Jane Austen to read was because well, their happily ever after is a little too trite for my liking. To be a romantic and a realist is sometimes quite the contradiction. I guess I'm a little weary of all stories that end wrapped nicely in a little bow.

I mean, ya, this one did. But I donno, I liked that Anne (the main character) wasnt a uppity, cheerful being. She seemed very realistic about what life would bring. She wasnt beloved by her family but she cared deeply and did her best to be of use to those around her. The one man whom she had loved, she'd spurned because of his class status being unfavorable to those closest to her. It was an interesting story, about letting others influence you to the point where your unhappiness is of your own making. I guess I feel like its more than possible that unhappiness starts from within us - by our nature and attitude towards the world we are presented with. Interesting read, even if it does end with a pretty little bow.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The roof is on Fire.

Click here for the fire story.

The Spirit of God like a FIRE is burning.

Wait... it might be less the spirit and more just the burning.  Yup, thats right folks.. while at church today my building started on fire.  Pictures to follow.  It was CRAZY.  

And well... kinda cool.  I've never seen a building be on fire before.  Really?  That still happens?  Weird.  

At first when the fire alarm went off, my Garneau Towers mentality set in.  Aka never leaving the building when the fire alarm goes off and just watching the stupid people with the dogs in boxes standing outside in the cold.  Cause really... fires never happen.  I realized it might be time to saunter out when smoke started pouring in from the roof of the chapel.  Yup, about then, when people said it was a real fire, I decided it was time to go.  So I stepped outside and watched the fire progress. 

It started out first as just some smoke pouring out the steeple and edges of the roof.  Fire trucks showed up within minutes.  Then we started to see a little fire licking at the center of the roof.  Fire men were on the roof, setting up their hoses and running in and out of the building.  I even watched one fireman get knocked over by a hose that filled with water.  It must of been heavy cause he was under it for awhile and couldnt get free.  

At first, the fire didnt seem so bad.  But soon I could feel the heat, even though I wasnt standing that close.  The whole roof was soon on fire.  There was this black smoke that was billowing everywhere.  Soon the chapel was completely on fire.  With flames coming out of the large windows.  It didnt really feel like the fire men were doing too much for a long while.  Because before they really started spraying the fire with water, the whole roof was on fire.  But once the water came, the smoke was crazy.  Sometimes you couldnt see the building the smoke was so thick.  There were like seven or eight fire trucks.  
This may sound bad but I saw some girls crying - a bit much if you ask me.  They were all "I cant believe... our building..."  The next door neighbours were trying to remove their valuables from the house, just in case the fire jumped to their roof - which looked pretty likely.  

So on the plus side - I'll be at home for two months.  Minus side - I kinda smell like smoke.   

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hello Stranger

So I donno if too many people know this about me, but strangers love me.  I have no idea why.  I've been told that my neutral face is rather cold (by my mother - and she wouldnt lie).  But that doesnt stop strangers from approaching me.  As such, if a random person starts talking to me, I dont tend to freak out.  Just another day in my life.  If I'm with my best friend Cathy, they tend to love us even more.  Its crazy.  I just really dont get it.

So today, I'm walking home from school down my street.  I have to cross an intersection and as I get to the opposite corner to continue down my street, there is a guy walking towards me from the opposite direction.  We meet at the corner and as I continue walking, all the sudden he flips a 180 and starts walking with me.  This is the conversation that preceded.

Random guy:  I really like your shirt.
Me: (looking down and seeing that I'm wearing my relay for life shirt... nothing special... its a t-shirt)... mmm.. Thanks?
Random guy:  Can I just say - I wanna know you.
Me: ... ... ... (and lots of inaudible processing of that statement)
Random guy:  No I wanna KNOOOOW you.
Me: Ahh... mmm... ya I dont think so. 
Random guy:  Here's what you should do.  Keep walking straight, turn right and we'll get freaky.
Me: Ya... thats definitely not happening (Really?  He just said that?  Even if I knew him that wouldnt be happening... Crazy person)
Random guy: (Notices that my keys are in my hand at the ready to open a door position) Ok we can just go upstairs and do some kissing
Me:  No... No no no no no... uh uh... uh uh... no... no Nooo.... Not happening.... I'm good.
Random guy: Oh I know your good... (reaches his arm to go around my shoulder)
Me: (Shoulder rolls so that his arm is not on my shoulder and takes a side step away)
Random guy:  Come on... just let me get to know you...
Me:  Ya thats not happening.  I dont think so.  No... No no no... I'm good no.  (I start to pull away as he starts to slow down)
Random guy: Well can I have a hug before I go?
Me:  HECK no!  No thats definitely not happening.  See ya.
(Random guy turns around and heads back in his original direction.)

Really?  That happened?  Oh strangers.  They are also crazy.  I mean, bold move propositioning a stranger like that.  Really, did he think that was gonna work?  Little does he know that even if he did know me, I'm not really a big fan of people touching me... so he probably wouldnt of gotten that hug either way.  

Alex Trebek Would Be Proud

Why you ask?  Because I wanted to do something fun to study for my Pathology final... jeopardy fun.  

Try not to be impressed... I dare you.
Really it was so great.  Everyone pitched in for making up questions and our buzzers consisted of those party noise makers that you blow into and it unrolls and makes noise.  We had teams and to signal Derrick (our noise maker) that we knew the answer all we had to do was tap him on his inner thigh.  hahah... It was fun.  Alot of work to put together but kinda great.  
Halfway through we took a break... to have WAFFLES!!!

Oh Turkey Bacon... how I love you!

Derrick thought it was decently ridiculous that the only measuring devices in the house were 
1. The tiniest cup measurer ever... its actually one of those rice measurers.
2.  A four cup ziploc container.  

Everyone did great work pitching in... John was a master at whipping that whipping cream... Dee was showing that bacon who was boss.  And Derrick and the waffles... they knew what was up.

This is how John licks the beater.

This is how Derrick licks the beater.

Delicious golden brown waffles.  Derrick and Amit have the greatest waffle makers ever!

YUM!  I really like waffles

So does everyone here.  It was the perfect mid-game break.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hey there Woman.

Dear Mom.
Since today is the day we celebrate mothers, I've been thinking what to do.  Because well, I've come to realize our family's not that big on big celebrations.  And I'm too far to be much fun celebrating anything anyways.  And we dont really do gifts.  But sometimes its the thought that counts right?  So I thought I would share a few memories.

Well I love you mom.  And these are my version of tributes to your motherhood.  You have helped shape me into the person I am today.  Maybe not all the decisions were right, but I like to think we learned alot from the wrong ones too.   

1.  When I was little I had trouble sleeping... Alot.  And my mom would let me sneak into her room and sleep on the floor so that I could hear her breath.  Her breathing would calm me down and was just about one of the only ways for me to fall asleep.    

2.  Anytime my mom wanted to broach a touchy subject with me, she would try to first butter me up with food and a little "quality" mother-daughter time.  The food would lessen the awkwardness and the being in a car made it so I couldnt bolt.  It was a sneaky but slightly effective method so she could say whatever she wanted.

3.  When I would cry as a little kid, even if it was my mom that made me cry, I would sob for her.  She never told me I couldnt cry.  She just let me have my moment.  

4.  My mom is pretty much why I love to read.  She would read books to us kids for hours.  And she was the person who I read the BOM with for the first time on my own.    

5.  I love blueberry muffins... and one of my favorite things is when I would come home from school and my mom would have tons of muffins for us.  She'd have them in all different sizes and completely made from scratch (which I will profess is the ONLY way to have a muffin).

6.  German Pancakes... some weeks my mother would wake up early so that we could have german pancakes before we went to school.  I know it was a hassle for her to do this but I really loved those mornings.  

7. Bribing us kids with candy so we'd go to the Saturday session of conference.  The more sessions attended = more candy received.

8.  I think she taught me to handle my failures well.  She had me look directly at what was disappointing and I think that taught me to deal with the upsets of life head on.  

9.  She sat with me, made special arrangements and took time to listen and help me practice the piano.  She would wake up early to drive me to a church.  Or sit above Ben's seminary class.  She drove me to lessons and extra lessons.  She'd turn pages and get church keys.  She tracked down the best piano teacher I could of ever had.  She did alot.  

Happy Mother's Day.
Love Missy

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I do not like this.

1. Humidity - it makes me cranky.

2. Doing bad on something that the previous million times you've not only done well but exceptional on.

3. HUmIdiTY... it makes me really cranky.

School House Rep

(Melissa enters group of students standing outside of G301)
Lucinda: Melissa.  Must be a special day today.  You're all dressed up and wearing jeans.
(Melissa glances at her jeans with holes in the knees)
Melissa: Ya.  All my sweats were dirty.

Is it weird to love being the kid who always wears sweats?
I dont think so. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Calling all Ethics.

Today at school we had a town meeting... which is just what they call inviting everyone in the school to come to a forum where we discuss the ethical policies in our school.  I wont lie... it was the free pizza they offered that enticed me to come, but once I was there it was actually really interesting.

Maybe its not like this for everyone but when it comes to big name issues, such as ethics, I know somewhere in me is an opinion.  Cause lets be real, we deal with ethical issues for the most part on a daily basis, without even giving it a second thought (choose the right anyone?).  But when people start talking about it, I feel like it sparks thoughts that arent quite complete.  They are the trace beginning of a sentence and give the feeling that its just on the tip of my tongue.  But I seem to be able to get nothing out but questions, poking around the edges of the issue. 

One of things that we talked about today was the classic "whistle blowing"... I've heard some people comment that if they see cheating, they'll look the other way.  Cause if someone has to cheat to get through school they figure they'll get their just desserts when they get into the clinical setting.  Cause its pretty tough to fake that you know the procedures.  Another person stated that often they ignore cheating because what right do they have to destroy someone's future life, based on one time of cheating.  Other people brought up that often, even if students do come forward to complain about cheating in the school setting, that its professors who look the other way, not wanting to "deal" with the issues it causes.  

As you can tell it gave me alot to think about.  

Something that I thought was interesting that the director of Ethics at our school said, was that the profession of dentistry is self-governed.  And that is how we want it to be, because it would be a hassle if someone who knew nothing about what we were doing, came in and told us how to do it.  He stressed the point that to be a self-governing body, who people give their trust to, we have to become in the habit of regulating ourselves.  Which specifically means that we should be whistle-blowing.  He said that when we leave the school setting, that it will be up to us to monitor and make sure that the dentists around us are living up to a standard that we (as a dental community) have set.  We shouldnt be turning the blind eye to unethical behaviour.  Not now in the school setting and not when we leave school to venture out on our own. 

But another point made as we discussed was that there will always be people that are going to act unethically.  They lied their way into school, they cheated their way through the system and they ended up on top.  How can you fight that?  Is anything we do really going to change that?  Not likely.  And that is a sobering thought.

The administration that was there also talked about what they do when they are presented with an accusation of unethical behaviour.  Which raised more questions.  First off, you see someone cheating and report them to your faculty administrator - if you can convince them to do something about it - how do they prove it?  Because really, its just one persons word against anothers'.  They also talked about how they hold a judicial counsel made of some faculty, administration and students.  Right now these counsels arent broadcasted to students.  They assured us that even if it doesnt seem like it, they do try to deal with the issues.  But I'm almost inclined to think that maybe they should publicize that.  Cause public shame - thats a big deterrent for bad behaviour.  But on the other side of the the issue, they dont publicize it because they need to protect the accused - especially if they are falsely accused.  

Anyways the jist of the town meeting - it'll be continued at another date.  How suiting that there are no real answers, just alot of ideas and opinions.     

Sunday, May 3, 2009

From Boston With Love

This is a picture from almost two years ago of me and my best friend Stephanie.  And she just got home from her mission a few days ago.  I'm so excited she's home!  

Steph and I have known each other since grade seven.  We got introduced because my brother Dave was dating her sister, Natalie.  And we were in band together.  As any teenager would, we fought.  But the thing that I love about Steph is, is that we stayed friends despite it all.  She's one of the people in this world that I truly care for and admire.  She is the most dedicated and hard working person I've ever met.  Plus she can really kick my butt when it comes to any sort of exercise.  The girl is driven.  

So its with a little sadness that I'm not at home right now.  And that my internship isnt in Lethbridge this summer.  

I love her and am so excited she's home though!