Sunday, May 24, 2009


So this past week, I went to Jasper to spend some time with the fam jam.
It may have involved family team hats.

Beautiful Jasper scenery...
I told Josh to pose.  It was hilarious.  He stood straight and raised his arm up.  Great pose Josh.  You're awesome.

We three golfers were total posers at Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course.  Who knew golf courses had dress codes?  Yup my fam definitely didnt.  It was a fun little adventure though.  Especially considering I've only been golfing barely once.  

We took a spin on the driving range as we waited for our tee time.

Wait - can you see the ball?  Oh wait, I missed it and its still on the tee.

Josh was the instigator of our golfing.  He's H-core like that.

Arent we a cute little cart train?

Dad was a menace with the cart... he totally rammed the back of Lindsays'... It was kinda great.

Lindsay and Mom had a great time driving their spectator cart around.

Have I mentioned that Alberta is Beautiful.
Cause it is.
Mom was a bit of a heckler and thought she could do better.  So we let her try her hand.  My dad schooled Josh and I and was even calling his shots.  He may have been pointing to the trees. Its tough to say.  

18 Holes is Super duper long... We were tired by the end.


Royall said...

Looks like fun! Which golf course did you go to?

Shel said...

Thanks for sharing your golf weekend and the beauty of jasper... really miss it... and you guys . luv ya