Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Landia

There are people in the world who barely need any sleep.  I am not one of them.  Today I slept for 17 hours... which means I woke up at 7 pm.  Sick I know.  But seriously... I could always sleep.  Its like a dream of mine to be able to sleep for a full day straight.  And someday I think it'll happen.  I mean I'm only a solid 7 hours off right?  Thats nothing. 

The only shame of sleeping so much is I wake up to all I havent done while I was unconscious.  Oh well though.  

But this week was American Thanksgiving.  My first actually.
  And while it was good (one of the bishopric had all us orphans over for food and family feud on DVD) I think I prefer a thanksgiving better when I'm with my own fam.  

So I thought I would tell the story of why Canadians have thanksgiving (told to me by my momma)...

A long time ago pilgrims landed in Plymouth at Plymouth Rock.  They joined the indians for a feast of friendship and camaraderie.  Then these pilgrims separated into loyalists (loyal to the British crown) and the soon to be americans... Well the loyalists went north and the americans stayed south.  But each group still celebrated thanksgiving.  Then the Americans.. always wanting to be a little different decided they didnt like Thanksgiving in October and thus moved their thanksgiving to November... and made it longer.  And that is how we now have two thanksgivings... My dad likes the American one better because its a longer holiday... and I do agree its nice to have it... But I'm already picturing a February without reading week... And I think I'd rather my week long vacay be then.  Oh well though.  

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Boy Named Ben

Something that I've been thinking about alot is the notes my brother Ben writes.  It just seems so amazing to me how he is able to be so honest and open in his writings.  Like I know he'll tell you what he thinks in person and to your face... whether you like it or not... but somehow reading it off a page, you see a side to him that you wouldnt expect to be there.  I just am really impressed by him.  He shows no fear.  He truly values the things he says... even if its just arguing for some theoretical point.  He doesnt care who does and doesnt read it.  And while sometimes I might not appreciate it in person... I still love to read the words he manipulates to be his own.  Ben and I can be so different.  But there are moments when we are so similar at the same time.  Anyways... below is a note I stole off his facebook (hopefully he doesnt mind)...

Hinc Illae Lacrimae
Its been long years since I've been held like a child being coddled.
My strength... my pain.
Push intimacy away;
I am what is left.

These walls of defence become a cage,
And I can't bring them down from the inside.
Soon I fail to feel for friends, 
Leaving me to wonder if I have love to give.

If life is to love, 
Then surely I've been dead quite a while.
A corpse manipulated by my own hand;
Moving to the illusion of living.

Continually I die the loneliest death, 
In this solitude I've made with my singularity;
Ever this flesh separates,
Leaving nothing to be held.
~ Ben Lowry

Someday I hope that I will feel so brave.  Because I think writing is one of the best forms of expression.  Anyways... A Boy Named Ben; someone I look up to. 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Feeling Like a Dental Student

This last week we had two days where it really felt like I was in dental school.  The first was we did probing for the first time.  Which, for those of you who dont know, is when you check to see how healthy the gum tissue is and if there's any bone recession by sticking your probe into the gingival sulcus (aka the space between your gums and teeth).  I would put up a picture but 1.  I forgot to take one while I was doing it and 2. My instruments are being sterilized at the school.  So just try to picture it in your heads.  

The more exciting thing though is what we did today.  Wax ups.  Which probably doesnt sound all that cool but from this little tooth prep we build a tooth.  The prep is more like a little nubbin' of a tooth.   

Anyways to re-build the tooth you need to make it look like your neighbour tooth... using wax and this waxer machine that heats the wax so you can add it.  Anyways.. for my first time, I'm decently proud of what I made... Its not perfect but my teacher said it was one of the better ones in the class.  Yay!    

Anywho... I like it.  It was kinda relaxing to just sit there and build a tooth.  Kinda made me forget I've got a big exam on Monday that I need to be studying for.  

The Life and Times of a Girl

So blogging.  I feel like for people that are far away it is a really good idea.  It lets you stay connected.  And I always thought that when I made my big travel debut I would keep all my adoring fans updated.  Telling them all about the adventures and knowing me... awkward misadventures.  And apparently I'm a band wagon jumper too.  So this is me jumping.  

But I live in Boston.  That's still so weird to me.  I know its been like 5 months.  It should probably stop being weird.  But its not. And the truth is, being here... makes me realize that I heart and soul adore Alberta.  I miss Alberta Beef.  Just kidding... We'll see how it goes though.  Everyone says Boston grows on you.  

But here is top 5 of my adventures in the last five months (that I can remember anyways)... things that have made this moving across the country and well, into another country interesting...

1. I got asked if I wanted to share someone's iPod on the subway...

2.  Someone asked to take a picture of my heel... for a school report?

3.  I got to go see MAE... for Free... Oh it was beautiful!

4.  Mom, Matt and I walked the streets of Boston... which was way tiring but so good too... I love having any family visit.

5... mmm.. getting lost in a graveyard... There's this huge famous/gorgeous graveyard (Mt. Auburn) that everyone says you have to go see.  And there's a big tower in the middle that lets you see Boston for miles around.  Well, I separated from the group and didnt realise that it was really twisty turn-y in the graveyard... so I got lost and couldnt find my way out.  Made me feel like I was five.  Especially when an older couple escorted me to the entrance.

So thats the catch up.  Boston, Dental School and now a blog.  We'll see how that goes.