Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Dear Hair
I'm freaking crazy bored of you right now.
Perhaps I need to go really short again.
Or get my bangs re-done. I found some
pictures from when my bangs were
really banging... and I kinda miss them.

Dear Work Schedule
I like doing nothing as much as the next
person. But I fetching hate two hour gaps between
patients where I'm tied to the office waiting.
Its boring as. Please consolidate yourself.

Dear Ohio and LA
I wish I was visiting you for non-stressful
non-work related reasons. Kinda worried about
making it through my IV practicum. 
Be kind.
Be gentle.
And please let me make it through.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013

That Cousin Photo Shoot

I suggested to Ness that it might be fun to do a photoshoot. She didn't necessarily want to be in the photos but she offered to do makeup for it.
And since photoshoots are more fun with some friends/cousins I asked Mysha and Teina to join. Ness got to do whatever makeup looks she wanted, and I did their hair and then Brittany took our photos. 
The photoshoot was slightly ridiculous, with multiple outfit and location changes but very fun. And I loved how Teina and Mysha's hair turned out.

I'm sure there will be plenty of ridiculous shots where we're trying to model and just butchering life. But even though it took four hours to get all our hair and makeup done and then we ran around taking photos for another almost two hours, I had a great time. 
I love when I love how someone's hair turned out. I wish I could do some more diverse looks on myself, but I'll settle for the total feeling of accomplishment I get when I do a great hair do on someone else.