Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm On Holiday - Unofficially

My brain has checked out. Studying? Psh. Who studies? Actually its probably a terrible thing that I already feel like I'm vacation. Because I most certainly still have two exams. Brain - please come back. I kinda need you.

Lucinda invited me to head out to Marblehead to Katy B's house. The plan was to hang out possibly at a beach and study. But her house happens to be right on the ocean. So we decided to just head off in the "Whaler" to Manchester, up the coast line, to have lunch.
Have I ever mentioned that water makes me supremely happy? Just being out on the water - with the sun shining down and the wind whipping at my face. It was glorious. I love to dance my finger tips along the water as we speed our way through. Why do I continuously forget how much I love water?
After lunch we made our way to a little bay where we dropped the anchor and busted out our notes. No wonder Katy B. is such a good student. It was actually pretty great. We mostly did practice questions. And laid in the boat. We jumped in the water - to "cool down". Which for me wasnt particularly necessary since I was a little on the almost not warm side of things with the ocean breeze. But since the water barely came up to my hips it was actually kinda nice. And it definitely was no glacier water!
There was the cutest little bunch of children in tiny sail boats learning to sail. Well mostly they were getting towed back in. But their boats were adorable. I want to do things like that. Learn to sail, or windsurf. Maybe someday... I left thinking I didnt get any sun. Cinda was burnt to a crisp before we got off the water but I was looking a particularly white shade of white. But upon arriving home I discovered I was a little hot in the face and had a mean sunglass tan. Looks like I got more sun than I thought.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Face So Numb Right Now

Today was the infamous "injection day"... where all us future clinic students actually get a syringe and needle in hand and do a little poking. Saying I was nervous would be a total understatement. Cause I dont think I've ever had a needle before and I've most definitely never given one. Add to that the fact that Dr. McManama was the clinical instructor assigned to my bay (McManama is freaking legend and the dental trinity goes G.V. Black the father of modern dentistry, McManama and Jesus). Plus I went first! But all in all it was great. Giving it was pretty nerve wracking but McManama was there to hold my hand and Brad did a fine job inflating my ego after the fact.

And now that I've definitely had shots I have a few things to mention:
1. Needles really arent that bad. Our group went sans the topical - and even without it, the needle stick was uncomfortable for like a second and then it was over. Not a big deal at all.

2. Having a numb face is freaking the WEIRDEST feeling in the world. For real. My chin feels like its not my chin. And dont even get me started about biting down on my teeth. SO WEIRD.

3. I cant get over how my face continues to get MORE numb. Every minute that passes it gets more numb. Its crazy. I seriously cant get over how weird it feels. The numbness just settles right in.
4. I am now "officially" (once I get the go ahead) ready to see patients. Now THAT is crazy. And exciting. And nerve wracking.

So happy birthday me. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I've just arrived home from another softball game - our second of this week. Its probably the last game of the season that I'll be able to make it to since the next games are while I'm on holiday. And I've been so pleasantly surprised with softball - especially since I was pretty anxious about playing. Yesterday was my favorite game of the season. Not cause I did anything great (tho I did hit the ball every time at bat and scored a run) but just because it was fun, we played well and the other team was super nice. It was the perfect end to a day spent studying until I wanted to stab my eyes out. I dont tend to get too competitive which is why this has been great - sure we're 5-1 (which lets be real is pretty great - cause who doesnt love winning) but even when we're losing or making mistakes, people dont get overly intense and its still a very camaraderie feel. Plus, we convinced Dr. Dan-the-man-Moran (one of our pre-clin instructors) to come play on our team. There's just something great about hanging out in a non-school related fashion. Next year I will have no hesitation to sign up for softball.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Things that have gone down in the last week.
Nails with the girls - Check. It was a pretty fun study present... Of course the second I left the place I had already wrecked them... Whatever tho... that foot rub was worth it. 
Three really hard exams - check. For real... hardest freaking exams ever... maybe its cause I'm tired of studying... Actually its probably that... but they were just sucky exams... :( Oh well. I probably didnt fail... Turns out... C's still get degrees... even in dental school :(
Studying multiple hours - check. And then some.
Losing our first softball game - sad check. (Coincidentally we lost to a bunch of jerks... one of them slid and nailed one of the girls on our team and then walked away without so much as a mumbled apology and proceeded to talk smack with his team... this is a "just for fun" league. He and his team were a bit much)
Studying at the beach - check check (and by studying I mean... flipping through a couple flash cards and quizzing people for like ten minutes... the other five hours were spent playing... whoops.)
Moving my membership to LP (aka the old people) ward - check. Technically I should be in UW for another year... but they now meet even further away and still at the same wretched 2pm... Of course I could have done it... but especially when I'm doing the group study - 2pm church puts a kink in things... Its probably just easier this way to have my membership in the ward I end up going to the most... And yes... that is me rationalizing my decision. 
America Day - Yup... I call it america day... and all my american friends think I'm completely ridiculous. But I like it... calling it america day... not the day in particular... I'm kinda indifferent towards the day. Hanging out tho... that I'm not indifferent towards.

Aaron and Sabrina had a bunch of us over for a BBQ
We had shrimp kabobs
And veggie kabobs

Whitney and Lucinda were very patriotic with their outfits.

We headed to the Charles for fireworks. We thought we were gonna be late... turns out the fireworks started an hour after we thought.
Apparently America Day is pretty popular or something.
We wanted to sit on the ground cause we were tired of standing and waiting. Whitney had to stand tho because of her white skirt.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm Off - The Conclusion

We fit seven of us in Aaron's little hyundai. It was a tight squeeze.
And a little sweaty. But it was gorgeous today.
Cinda and I had some flash cards and Aaron brought his shrink wrapped Radiology text book.
We played Kan-Jam - a really fun frisbee game.

Sabrina would go to throw - and Aaron would dance. They were still the dream team tho. The Canadians (Mike and I) lost to them twice and the other Americans (The Barry girls) were worse than us.

And of course I managed to get a ridiculous sunburn. The upper right corner of my right thigh. Stupid sun chose to decimate that corner of my leg. Not to say I didnt get quite a bit on my back and chest... but that corner of my leg got it the worst.

It was a great day for the beach. And we stayed for like six hours. And even got a little Radiology quiz on. The perk to going places with the dental crew. Tho the Radio text book stayed shrink wrapped. We didnt want to overdo it.

For real. How ridiculous is this burn? Yowsa.

I'm Off.

To the Beach.
Blanket, Water, Book, Sunglasses.
Check Check Check.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


The crew asked me the other day what Canada Day is celebrating. I said Canada. They asked - ya but what about Canada. I didnt really know what. So we wikipediaed it. They thought I was foolish for not remembering that July 1 was when Canada was made a country. I blame exhaustion. I knew we celebrated Canada. And my lack of interest in history made that enough. So I hope everyone has a great time celebrating the birth of our nation. I'd celebrate but I'm freaking bushwacked.
Nine exams down. Three to go.