Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I've just arrived home from another softball game - our second of this week. Its probably the last game of the season that I'll be able to make it to since the next games are while I'm on holiday. And I've been so pleasantly surprised with softball - especially since I was pretty anxious about playing. Yesterday was my favorite game of the season. Not cause I did anything great (tho I did hit the ball every time at bat and scored a run) but just because it was fun, we played well and the other team was super nice. It was the perfect end to a day spent studying until I wanted to stab my eyes out. I dont tend to get too competitive which is why this has been great - sure we're 5-1 (which lets be real is pretty great - cause who doesnt love winning) but even when we're losing or making mistakes, people dont get overly intense and its still a very camaraderie feel. Plus, we convinced Dr. Dan-the-man-Moran (one of our pre-clin instructors) to come play on our team. There's just something great about hanging out in a non-school related fashion. Next year I will have no hesitation to sign up for softball.

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Hey, Happy Birthday! (Today being the 8th). Simple enough to remember: it's double the digit of the 4th of July cause there's twice the reason to celebrate!