Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm Off - The Conclusion

We fit seven of us in Aaron's little hyundai. It was a tight squeeze.
And a little sweaty. But it was gorgeous today.
Cinda and I had some flash cards and Aaron brought his shrink wrapped Radiology text book.
We played Kan-Jam - a really fun frisbee game.

Sabrina would go to throw - and Aaron would dance. They were still the dream team tho. The Canadians (Mike and I) lost to them twice and the other Americans (The Barry girls) were worse than us.

And of course I managed to get a ridiculous sunburn. The upper right corner of my right thigh. Stupid sun chose to decimate that corner of my leg. Not to say I didnt get quite a bit on my back and chest... but that corner of my leg got it the worst.

It was a great day for the beach. And we stayed for like six hours. And even got a little Radiology quiz on. The perk to going places with the dental crew. Tho the Radio text book stayed shrink wrapped. We didnt want to overdo it.

For real. How ridiculous is this burn? Yowsa.

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