Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 18 - Cookie Day

Once a year (I think), my school does a day to reward us for all the blood, sweat and tears we shed in clinic.
Cookie Day.

Turns out sugar does make the world right.
At least while the sugar coma lasts

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Traveling Makes Me Cranky

1. You never feel great being in a confined space for multiple hours
2. The food always sucks in airports
3. Its so noisy - people, planes, mini people... 
4. And no matter if you showered before you started, you always end the day feeling travel greasy
5. Sleeping sitting up always puts a crink in your neck, no matter how proficient you are at it

To be fair though...
A. I appreciate the fact that flying takes much less time than driving
B. I'm happy that neither flying or driving long hours is in my job description
C. I am always elated to show off my sleeping in public skills (and yes, I do request shows)
D. I get to practice my patience (ok... this ones a stretch)
E. It gets me from point A to point B - and by point I mean bed

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cold Lake Drive

Promptly after these pictures were taken I fell asleep. For pretty much the entire seven hour drive to Cold Lake. 

And yes, Matt took creepy sleeping pictures of me. Thanks for nothing brother.
If its smaller its less horrifying right?

Maikal's Waterpolo

When I got off the plane the first people I saw were my cousins, Maikal and William.
I gave Will a big hug and went over to Maikal. He was in a wheelchair and I scoffed and told him to get out of it as I kicked his leg. Then he informed me that he couldnt get out. He'd had surgery on his back. I kinda thought he was a liar, but he continued to tell me he couldnt get up and had me doubting. He'd had surgery on his back for a cancerous growth - and Will and Matt both supported the fact that he wasnt lying about having surgery to remove something from his back. The woman watching our reunion looked on with unabashed disapproval. I kicked someone in a wheelchair. The shame. 
That is until we reached the car. 
As soon as the car was in sight, Maikal jumped out of the wheelchair. Jerkface lied to me and I called it and then he convinced me I was the jerk.
But it was kinda funny.
I really love my cousins.
So when Maikal told me he had a waterpolo final, I wanted to be there to cheer him on.
So we got the good ol' cousin posse together.
Matt and Will and I have almost been inseparable (except for Saturday which was spent at the wedding - but I did meet up with them after it).
They're hilarious. Even though Matt drives me crazy and always argues with me. Stubborn boy.
Good thing there is plenty of people to mediate between us. Cause boy do we need it. I recall us getting along better before his mission. Happens.

Ben refused to be in any pictures - so I had to sneakily include him.

(Back) Will, Matt, Brittany
(Front) Kat, Nim, Me

Maikal scored two goals. And on his second goal we all cheered SO LOUD - which left the biggest smile on his face as he back stroked back to his side. 
His team won the game.

Tiffany, Matt, Ben
 When Maikal came up the stairs from the pool we made a tunnel for him to run through.
Seriously I love my cousins.
Nim, Kat, Will

... ... ... ... ...

And this is Maikal showing his level of happiness to be taking a picture with Brittany. 
They're cute.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mrs. Bevans - November 20, 2010

It was a blustery day. Cold. Very Cold.
There were some minor setbacks - Cathy left Lethbridge late to get to the temple in Cardston; Trent forgot to pick up his tux. But all things were worked out. Michelle (Cathy's sister) and I, got the tux and made the usual hour drive in a half hour. We're awesome. So is speeding.

Lynnae Seeley Wright, Jess Wood Matkin, Ashlee Matkin

Alaya is a good friend. And warmed the brides hands.

Cathy had five bridesmaids. 
Trent had fifteen groomsmen.
Yes. Fifteen.
We took pictures in shifts.

This is the dental groomsmen.

Please note the really attractive blonde giving the camera everything he's got. HA.

These are the old school friends from back in the day.

Also.. this configuration of the bridal party is my favorite.

And these are the family groomsmen.

Funny thing about Trent and Cody.
In the January of my fourth year of Undergrad, Cody had decided he was interested in Cathy. So he came from Saskatoon and brought Trent to try to woo Cathy into dating him. Trent and I got along quite well and enjoyed being the wingman couple. Then Cody decided he thought he might like dating me. So Trent started going for Cathy. Trent and Cathy started dating. Cody and I did not. But our love square (and successful switching of roommates) will go on in infamy.

Saskatoon DMD 2012: Alan, Jay, Chris, Cody, Peter, Riley and Trent
Trent's dental friends are funny.

The family dinner/reception were good. But its weird being home. I'd see people I used to know from highschool. But we arent even on a catch up basis. It just was weird.

People ask me how the wedding was - It was wedding-y. I mean it doesnt particularly matter if I enjoyed it. It wasnt about me. (But it was perfectly fine/funnish). But Cathy is married now. I'm happy for her. I really am. But its kind of a bitter sweet moment. Every good friend that gets married reminds me of my stand still and the loss of a particular dimension of our friendship. Yes, good friends will still be my friends once they're married - in fact most of my best friends are married - even my dental school ones. But it changes things. The relationship has to evolve. And while I adore them and their happiness, being with them is more like being a visitor in their life (as opposed to being a part of it). They are a couple now - and very few people are able to still care about the day to day single life drama when they are so perfectly happy in coupledom. My usefulness to them is diminished. They have a husband to depend on (as they should). And gone are the days of them hanging out with me at single people events. I mean, its completely understandable. If I were them, I'd veto YSA life too. Its just unfortunate for me a bit. Cause my life is YSA. And its another person, telling me that they're "sure my time will come too"... Awesome. So while I'm so very happy for them - part of me is sad. Its one more person moving past me, leaving me behind. I guess its not unusual for it to not be the same anymore. It just seems a little sad to me.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things of the Moment

1. Packing
And yes, whenever I go home I bring the pile of books I've read to store there.

 2. My computer is wacko.
And I worry daily that one of these days, it'll do something insane and not come back from it.

3. Feelings about AB
I know everyone wants me to be so overjoyed and excited to go back to AB. 
"Arent you so excited?!?!? You go home SO soon!!!"
But truthfully, I'm not really. Sure its nice to see my family and the handful of friends who still matter to me. I love that I get to share in Cathy's wedding day this time around. But in the last six months especially, AB has changed for me. I'm out of place and every time I prepare to come back I feel it. 

4. Cram Sesh Studying.
Story of My Life.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stroop Wafels

Back in January I had a really hard day. Everything seemed to be going wrong. It wasnt that anything major happened. It was a lot of little things that built up and tore me down. I happened at the time to be dating a nice boy, who was very kind. At the end of my hard day, he showed up at my house with herbal tea and these delectable wafer type crackers that were filled with caramel. You could heat them up and eat them with the tea and it was perfect. It made me feel a lot better. And I dont know that I ever really thanked that boy for that. And even though that wonderfully sweet boy hates me something awful now, I still think of that moment fondly.

Well today I left my house wanting something. I didnt really know what. I wanted a treat. I feel out of sorts (which isnt all that uncommon for me). I'm trying to be thin (which isnt really relevant to feeling out of sorts) - which is hard because I'm absolutely a lazy exerciser (I did not exercise today) and I'm a complete stress eater (binge eating for one thank you!) - so I decided that instead of just going for the easy, quick treats, that maybe I would walk for a bit to the grocery store and see if anything called my name there - and hope that the walk would temper some of my craving.

It did not.

But as I walked around I found this nestled in the shelves
Yup. These are those very hard to find good memories in delicious caramel filled waffle wafer form.

My first thought was that I should tell that boy about it - but that isnt a real thought. Even still I was delighted to find them. And I'm more excited to eat them.

And yes, I did stop and buy candy on my way home (I have no will power!).

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Remember how I have been trying to get Perio assists done for the last six months? Remember how Perio rejects me all the time (including the last time I tried)? Remember how that drives me crazy (and is a complete waste of my time) and makes me want to go on a rampage?

Well I decided to try to get an Endo Assist done today. I didnt go ahead of time to set it up with someone. I have no Endo Resident in my pocket to save assists for me. All that extra crap I do to try to get Perio assists, I negated. I showed up. And immediately the Endo residents were friendly. They saw me in their hallway and asked if I was there to assist. And I said I was and immediately the first resident I saw offered me an assist. And he was awesome. He explained things to me. And gave me tips on doing things an easier way than we've been taught. The only thing he didnt like, was that I say sorry all the time. A forceful habit I'm trying to break. Endo assisting was such a CONTRAST to the utter frustration that accompanies Perio assisting.

And whats this?
Booya. He wrote a note on the sheet I hand in saying how awesome I am.