Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Remember how I have been trying to get Perio assists done for the last six months? Remember how Perio rejects me all the time (including the last time I tried)? Remember how that drives me crazy (and is a complete waste of my time) and makes me want to go on a rampage?

Well I decided to try to get an Endo Assist done today. I didnt go ahead of time to set it up with someone. I have no Endo Resident in my pocket to save assists for me. All that extra crap I do to try to get Perio assists, I negated. I showed up. And immediately the Endo residents were friendly. They saw me in their hallway and asked if I was there to assist. And I said I was and immediately the first resident I saw offered me an assist. And he was awesome. He explained things to me. And gave me tips on doing things an easier way than we've been taught. The only thing he didnt like, was that I say sorry all the time. A forceful habit I'm trying to break. Endo assisting was such a CONTRAST to the utter frustration that accompanies Perio assisting.

And whats this?
Booya. He wrote a note on the sheet I hand in saying how awesome I am.



Judy Takahashi said...

Wow!!! Way to go!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

BOOYA! :) haha

Royall said...

Frame it!

Shelby Lou said...

I was kind of lost through most of that dentist lingo.. but it's good that he gave you a nice comment! Congratss

.Ang. said...

best yet???


Linz said...

Made me cry ... no crack please ... booyah!!!! you go girly!!!!