Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things of the Moment

1. Packing
And yes, whenever I go home I bring the pile of books I've read to store there.

 2. My computer is wacko.
And I worry daily that one of these days, it'll do something insane and not come back from it.

3. Feelings about AB
I know everyone wants me to be so overjoyed and excited to go back to AB. 
"Arent you so excited?!?!? You go home SO soon!!!"
But truthfully, I'm not really. Sure its nice to see my family and the handful of friends who still matter to me. I love that I get to share in Cathy's wedding day this time around. But in the last six months especially, AB has changed for me. I'm out of place and every time I prepare to come back I feel it. 

4. Cram Sesh Studying.
Story of My Life.


Shelby Lou said...

I love your blog. I hope you find the good in going home. Stay optimistic. I was always told that "if you are negative, you are ungrateful." Yeah it's blunt, but it's the truth. I don't mind the truth.

Ash Att said...

hopefully you will have a fun time home. its always hard going back to a place where you used to live. have a happy thanksgiving!
ps i love all your choices of books. very nice!


Linz said...

I hope your time was everything that you wanted it to be and more!!! And I'm sure that mom had you put the books on the shelf in my room with the rest of your collection! I sent one home for you with dad ... here's hoping that you actually took the time to do something other than run around and study!

Linz said...

oh and I'm totally on the same page about coming home!