Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mrs. Bevans - November 20, 2010

It was a blustery day. Cold. Very Cold.
There were some minor setbacks - Cathy left Lethbridge late to get to the temple in Cardston; Trent forgot to pick up his tux. But all things were worked out. Michelle (Cathy's sister) and I, got the tux and made the usual hour drive in a half hour. We're awesome. So is speeding.

Lynnae Seeley Wright, Jess Wood Matkin, Ashlee Matkin

Alaya is a good friend. And warmed the brides hands.

Cathy had five bridesmaids. 
Trent had fifteen groomsmen.
Yes. Fifteen.
We took pictures in shifts.

This is the dental groomsmen.

Please note the really attractive blonde giving the camera everything he's got. HA.

These are the old school friends from back in the day.

Also.. this configuration of the bridal party is my favorite.

And these are the family groomsmen.

Funny thing about Trent and Cody.
In the January of my fourth year of Undergrad, Cody had decided he was interested in Cathy. So he came from Saskatoon and brought Trent to try to woo Cathy into dating him. Trent and I got along quite well and enjoyed being the wingman couple. Then Cody decided he thought he might like dating me. So Trent started going for Cathy. Trent and Cathy started dating. Cody and I did not. But our love square (and successful switching of roommates) will go on in infamy.

Saskatoon DMD 2012: Alan, Jay, Chris, Cody, Peter, Riley and Trent
Trent's dental friends are funny.

The family dinner/reception were good. But its weird being home. I'd see people I used to know from highschool. But we arent even on a catch up basis. It just was weird.

People ask me how the wedding was - It was wedding-y. I mean it doesnt particularly matter if I enjoyed it. It wasnt about me. (But it was perfectly fine/funnish). But Cathy is married now. I'm happy for her. I really am. But its kind of a bitter sweet moment. Every good friend that gets married reminds me of my stand still and the loss of a particular dimension of our friendship. Yes, good friends will still be my friends once they're married - in fact most of my best friends are married - even my dental school ones. But it changes things. The relationship has to evolve. And while I adore them and their happiness, being with them is more like being a visitor in their life (as opposed to being a part of it). They are a couple now - and very few people are able to still care about the day to day single life drama when they are so perfectly happy in coupledom. My usefulness to them is diminished. They have a husband to depend on (as they should). And gone are the days of them hanging out with me at single people events. I mean, its completely understandable. If I were them, I'd veto YSA life too. Its just unfortunate for me a bit. Cause my life is YSA. And its another person, telling me that they're "sure my time will come too"... Awesome. So while I'm so very happy for them - part of me is sad. Its one more person moving past me, leaving me behind. I guess its not unusual for it to not be the same anymore. It just seems a little sad to me.


brock + amy said...

I feel like there has to be at least one car having to get to Cardston in half the time, it's just not a wedding without it. Jake is the only one I know of that actually got pulled over! haha!

Royall said...

You would be able to drive somewhere in half the time. I love the picture of the decorated church gym- the ceiling is gorgeous.

Sheila said...

She is phenomenally gorgeous. Wowzers, Cathy!

Linz said...

i've been waiting for this post ... I wish I could have been there but I'm super glad that you got to come home for it!!!

Cathy said...

Don't worry Melissa, Trent was 30 min late for his own wedding. And I promised Michelle I would refuse to leave the bride's room until after 11:15 regardless. So thanks for saving the day and bringing the tux! And here's what I think, I don't think much of our relationship is going to change. Especially since you're a girl so it's not faux pas for me to hang out with you one on one if I like.