Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Grateful III

1. Lights. The lights in my room have slowly been dying. First the closet light (who needs to see what clothes they pick out of the closet anyways). And then the main light (this one I cant rationalize away... its dark in my room). I usually am a total solve-it-myself kinda girl, but when I took off the light cover to have a gander at my dying light, it was a weird fluorescent circle light bulb. Nope... not doing it. So after a weekend of flickering lights, my light died last night. I stopped procrastinating and called my landlord to ask about it. I came home from clinic tonite and was pleasantly surprised with the "new" lighted ambiance in my room. Its pretty awesome. (And results in me not having to strain my eyes - Win Win Win).

2. Short Clinic Appointments. I dont care that my appointment today was kinda weak sauce. Getting out of clinic before the mad rush at the end is the BEST FEELING EVER.

3. Checking things off my to-do list. Booya - Aliginate Impression Summative? Check Check Check. I love it when I cross off a busy-work task.

4. Realizing I'm developing a patient repoire. And that during the waiting moments of the appointment, that I am not just sitting awkwardly in silence.

5. Snagging a Perio Assist. Believe me people, those dang assists are hard to get a hold of. We are required to do ten perio surgery assists with the Perio Residents. And it is a total whored out crap shoot trying to nail those down. Either they dont have any when we have free time, or there's fifty billion of us all trying to assist the same person, or the patient cancels. But after months of trying unsuccessfully to do another one, I have one planned for tomorrow morning. Cross your fingers the patient doesnt cancel.

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Erika said...

I like this. I Like this very much.

I love you! Keep being awesome!

Love Erika