Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stroop Wafels

Back in January I had a really hard day. Everything seemed to be going wrong. It wasnt that anything major happened. It was a lot of little things that built up and tore me down. I happened at the time to be dating a nice boy, who was very kind. At the end of my hard day, he showed up at my house with herbal tea and these delectable wafer type crackers that were filled with caramel. You could heat them up and eat them with the tea and it was perfect. It made me feel a lot better. And I dont know that I ever really thanked that boy for that. And even though that wonderfully sweet boy hates me something awful now, I still think of that moment fondly.

Well today I left my house wanting something. I didnt really know what. I wanted a treat. I feel out of sorts (which isnt all that uncommon for me). I'm trying to be thin (which isnt really relevant to feeling out of sorts) - which is hard because I'm absolutely a lazy exerciser (I did not exercise today) and I'm a complete stress eater (binge eating for one thank you!) - so I decided that instead of just going for the easy, quick treats, that maybe I would walk for a bit to the grocery store and see if anything called my name there - and hope that the walk would temper some of my craving.

It did not.

But as I walked around I found this nestled in the shelves
Yup. These are those very hard to find good memories in delicious caramel filled waffle wafer form.

My first thought was that I should tell that boy about it - but that isnt a real thought. Even still I was delighted to find them. And I'm more excited to eat them.

And yes, I did stop and buy candy on my way home (I have no will power!).


Shelby Lou said...

They have those at Trader Joes. Oh my gosh sooo yummy. I die when I eat them. Tea sounds sooo good right now.

I hate it when boys hate me. It makes me sad, especially if it's just because things didn't work out.

I have this nasty habit of getting scared and ditching out. It's not them it's me, and it would be so unfair to put them through that.

Royall said...

The friend I was planning to run that 8K with bailed about four weeks ago and I don't want to drive to Calgary and back by myself and my family will all be in Lloyd that weekend for my cousins homecoming so I decided I wasn't going to do it- well my workouts have been pathetic the last 4 weeks (like 1-3 workouts a week but usually closer to 1)and when my workouts tank by motivation to eat healthy tanks and so right now Matt is on an errand to buy sour soother candies and chocolate covered almonds. All this to say I can totally relate right now! And I really want to try those wafer cookies.