Thursday, December 25, 2008

Travel Excursions Part 1

I finish my final test on Friday and two hours before I need to leave to head to the airport it starts snowing... and I'm not talking about the peaceful romantic snow where a snow flake lightly lands on your cheek and melts away... No.. I mean the aggressive snow that has it out for you and is blinding and well... wet.  Hideous snow.

So one of my classmates had to be at the airport the same time as me so we agreed to catch a cab together so it'd be cheaper.  She told me to wait on the corner of her street... in the snow...

So here I am... waiting on a street corner for her to show up.

And waiting... After 10 minutes of waiting for her or the cab I phone her to see what the deal is... She said the cab wasnt coming yet.

Apparently the cab company told her when she called a half hour early that she needed to call when she wanted to leave.  Then when she called five minutes early the cab company told her it'd be a twenty to twenty five minute wait.  She got mad at the person on the phone but thought they would still come.  So I went to her apartment building to wait.  After twenty minutes we were pretty sure they weren't coming.  So we decided to walk to a main street and catch a cab in the snow.

So there are two things I hate about it being snowy while you are trying to travel...
1st.  How about the fact that dragging your luggage through the snow sucks... Ya.. its pretty much you draggin a bunch of snow... I pretty much shovelled the sidewalk as I went along.
2nd.  Cab drivers are way less likely to pick you up... because they are anti going far.  It took about fifteen minutes to catch a cab.  And then he drove uber slow because of the snow and his crappy tires.

But I finally make it to the airport... a little damp because of all the snow melting on me but all in all nothing can spoil my spirits because in a short 7 hours I will be home...

Wait.. except oh ya.. I wait in the huge line to check my bag and check in... and I get to the front finally and swipe my passport and the computer tells me that my flight is cancelled.  A guy is walking past and I'm like "It says my flight is cancelled" and he goes "Yah... your flight is cancelled."  And then he walks away leaving me standing there going... crap... what do I do now.

So they have these phones available to talk to the airline company so that you can get on another flight if something like this happens.  Except... oh wait... all the phones are dead.  So I am getting a little upset by now... Ok... not a little... alot.  I pretty much put all my excitement into this one flight... the saving flight that would take me home to my family... and it was cancelled.  So I'm bawling right there in the airport.  If you ever want to feel like a child just try that.  Works like a charm.  So a guy who looks like he works for the airport walks by me.  And as I'm crying I'm asking him to help me... He gives me the 1-800 number to call the airline... so I start dialing and he comes back and is like "oh... it might be 225 not 255... just try them both."  I wasnt all that impressed.  But something I have learned on my travels is that dialing airline 1-800 numbers is COMPLETELY useless.  You phone... enter your info... and then it tells you its too busy to take your call... Or it puts you on hold until you die first.  Kinda not exactly helpful in a crunch.

So thats not working out.  I'm talking to my dad and he's telling me to find someone to help me.  Easier said than done.  The guy who was in line behind me gets into another line behind this girl who has an employee helping her.  So I decide that maybe this is the help line.  I mean they must have one of those.

As it turns out.. no... no they dont.  The man helping people gets mad because a line has formed and he's like "This isnt a line... you need to get back into the main line."  I have zero control over my emotions by now so I'm crying out that I was in that line and no one was helping me and he isnt havent any of it.  No sympathy for a poor traveller.

So I get back in the line.  And the girl the man who rejected me was helping comes up to me... and I'm trying to cry in peace in the line... the people around me are ignoring the blatant embarrassing display of emotions until this girl... comes up.  She tells me to keep trying the 1-800 number and saying that the people really will help you... But her hand on the shoulder wasnt exactly making me feel better.

But I'm trying to suck it up.  Because well... public displays of emotion arent exactly my favorite thing in the world.  But every time I think about not being able to get home and losing a few days of my holiday to stupid Boston... well... you know how that works out.

So I get to the front of the line again.  And this time I am not being budged from the line without someone actually helping me.  So this time I make the man helping stick around.  I tell him my flight has been cancelled and I dont know what to do.  Well he tells me that they've cancelled pretty much every flight because of the snow.  That doesnt make me feel better.  Then he tells me the earliest I could get out would be Monday.  That definitely doesnt make me feel better.  And I'm getting a little pathetic at this point.  I cant form real sentences and I'm trying not to cry so every word that does manage to come out is full of that adorable sobbing five year old stutter cry... where everything is high pitched and slurred together.  But this man was a rock.  My tears had zero effect on him.  He looked at me making a fool of myself and then looked back at the screen.  Then he handed me my "revised" flight plan and told me that maybe space would open up in an earlier flight and I should just keep calling the 1-800 number or check the airport.  Not exactly helpful...

So I call my dad again.  And he tells me that we might just have to buy a new ticket and that I should go to all the different airlines to see what they've got.  He's trying to tell me that if nothing works out, one more weekend in Boston wont be that bad... Though I definitely begged to differ on that.  I had built up leaving Boston so much it was pretty much torture to be there for even a second longer... let alone three more days.

But I decide to just walk it out... And trek (And I mean a trek because the terminals were far away from each other) to another terminal to find another airline.

So I go to the first airline.. delta or something like that.  And I go up and ask the Lady if there are any flights that end up in Calgary.  Well this lady checks... and she proceeds to tell me that they have a flight from Salt Lake to Calgary... but none from Boston to Salt Lake... thanks... ya thats so not helpful.  So I move onto the next airline...

Continental airlines... and both people appeared to be helping people but when I started to sit on my luggage the guy called out that I shouldnt get too comfy... And I was a little strained so him talking to me startled me and I almost tripped over my suitcase and biffed it to the ground.  But I walked up and asked if he had any flights going to Calgary... and while he's checking he's telling me that he lived in Calgary in like 1963... and he looks up at me and goes "You werent born then were you?"  And I'm like ya. no... definitely not.  So he's checking and he finds a flight going to houston that got delayed.  It was leaving at 8pm and since it was only like 6pm I had plenty of time to make it.  But he asks to see my flight itinerary and wants to switch my ticket from northwestern (who sucks) to continental (who rocks)... So he tries calling northwestern to get approval for the switcheroo... but of course they arent answering phones... Stupid northwestern.  So then he goes... well... I'm just gonna do it myself then.  So he's working the computer and every now and then he'll toss out a "ya... take that.." or "Stole it.. perfect this'll work"... all good little sound bits.  I will take a stolen ticket.  Finally he gets it all worked out and tells me that it is done.  He switched my ticket to his airline and I didnt have to pay a cent extra to get it done.  I was like "Seriously you are my freaking hero"... and since I've been trying to be a blogger I asked him if it would be weird to take a picture of him... and he was like no... so he puts his arms up and is like cheering at his own genius... Sadly I was being a little slow so I took my camera out but was waiting... For what... I'm not quite sure... I guess I didnt feel like I really had his permission... so he's got his arms up... but I'm not taking the picture... And slowly... he lowers them because well... I way missed the moment and it was getting awkward to have his arms up.  So once they're down I asked if its really ok... And he says yes.
Edward C.  Great Guy

So I head to wait for my flight to Houston.  It got re-routed to Maine to be re-fueled and was on its way back.  So we wait until like 9 ish for it to finally land.  And I think yes... we're getting out of here.  But no... we werent.  We were missing ONE flight attendant.  We had both pilots... and three others... but we were not allowed to board without a fourth flight attendant. It was so gay.  So we wait some more.  And the flight departure keeps getting pushed back and back.  Because our new flight attendant was supposed to be coming in from New Jersey... except their flight got re-routed to Banglada Maine... And so they're telling us that if we want a re-fund we can come up and get it... and that the flight might be cancelled.  And I am dying.  All I want to do is at least leave Boston.  I dont care if I have to wait in another airport... As long as I at least make some progress.

So I try to entertain myself by working on a present for my best friend.  I decided to make her a cheer book... so basically I got people who love her to write her letters and put a bunch of pictures in it and stuff... so I'm glueing construction paper to every page so that it doesnt look so ghetto... and I'm taping pictures to the pages... But I ran out of glue.

That kinda put a damper on things.  But while I'm working on it this old couple comes up and are asking me what I'm doing.  And this little kid comes up and his mom is trying to play interference so he doesnt mess anything.  So I gave him some paper to draw on and a pen... and he drew me a "picture"... It was kinda cute.

But finally the airline announces that another flight just landed and we got their flight attendant.  Huge cheers... people hugging and laughing.  Pretty great moment.  So they tell us we can start boarding.  So everyone gets up and gets in line.  But then no progress is happening.  And people are overhearing them say that there isnt enough of a time window to de-ice the plane and take off in the time allotted us... so they might not let us leave.  So they announce that everyone should sit down again cause it might be awhile.  People were not impressed.  So we wait some more.

I just sat with my backpack and listened to music.

Luckily their fake out didnt throw us off the right path because five minutes later they tell us we can board the plane because they've gotten it all figured out.  YES!

Here are people boarding... finally... it
 only took till 12:30am to get to this point.

Then we got on the plane and had to have it de-iced... Being on a plane beats being stuck in the actual airport.

And when we took off I couldnt be more happy.
Until they brought out the microwaved cheeseburger... just kidding... it was pretty sick dump.
I didnt really sleep on the four hour flight... I worked on my project.

That is until I ran out of tape too.
I probably fell asleep for an hour and then we landed in Houston at 4 am.

To Be Continued...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Night Before Christmas

I am WAY too excited to sleep.  Even though I have a final in a short eight hours... I get to go home tomorrow... And yes... I was sighing happily as I said that.  
Sadly I feel like I have forgotten what it looks like.  And well... there's been some changes I've only heard about.  Its weird to think of going back and it not being the same.  I mean I was talking to Josh and forgot the name of Nanton... But there is no where I would rather be.  

And in memory of my home (ok and the exams I've had) I havent celebrated Christmas in the slightest.  I swear I barely remember it is December because it snowed for the first time a couple nights ago... and then by morning the rain washed it all away.  Stupid rain.  So no snow... and I wore capris today outside.  Not quite the winter I'll be coming back to.  But I feel like Christmas starts the second I get to be with my family again.  
And today lots of little accomplishments happened.

1. I woke up at like 8 and didnt fall asleep immediately as I started studying.  

2.  I did 11 loads of laundry.  I know... that's disgusting.  But it was quite necessary... especially if I wanted to travel in clean clothes and come home after christmas to clean clothes and bed ware.   I think my family will thank me for my perseverance in coming home clean.  But ya... 11.  Thank goodness one of the dryers is "broken/free" so I only had to pay for the washers.  

3. I packed my bags for Canada (woot!) ... and included textbooks... sad.   

I just feel like I have been gearing up for this holiday since... well I started my countdown when there was like 45 days left.  I'm down to one day.  One glorious day... that happens to have an exam smack in the middle.  

There are just so many things I'm excited for.  I feel like I've planned out every possible moment so that I can make my two weeks as fulfilling as possible.  I dont want to waste a minute.  We're gonna go snow shoeing, tobogganing, skiing and to the Great White North aka Cold Lake...  I get to see my friends again... And little Ryder and Katie.  I kinda worry that they've forgotten me... well Katie for sure has... I mean she's still got her baby on... But Ryder... I just have missed my family so much.  And we get to talk to Matt on the 25th... I think thats the best part.  I'm so excited to hear from him.

All in all I think after my exam is over I might explode with the anticipation of a 7 hour flight.  
But it wont matter... I'll be heading home.  And that is just right.    

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Playing Hookie

OK... so I know... I'm in dental school... I really ought to not play hookie.  Especially so close to a major holiday break.  But I think I needed this day.  I had one of the greatest, just happy to be alive, days.  It honestly was just so amazing.

So I had one class today... I know... I built up the hookie feel... but really I did skip out on the two tests I ought to be studying for... Oh well.. But I decided that I wanted to go spend the day with Portia Thompson and her three adorable kids.  Ok so Portia is my first counsellor in the bishoprics' wife.  And she is probably the nicest lady in the world... I helped her move and went for Thanksgiving at her house and she really is just the type of person that makes people feel welcomed and a little warm and tingly inside.  She's been offering to let me come hang out at her house whenever I wanted to since well... I met her in August.  But this is the first time I decided to really take her up on her offer.  And boy am I happy about that!

So I called her when I got to the train station by her house and she came and picked me up.  I hate to be an imposition and not come bearing gifts so I brought with me donuts.  Dunkin Donuts really is a great save.  And apparently her kids would choose no where else in the world to go... so I scored some major kid points... especially picking out chocolate glaze donuts (a kid necessity..).  

We drove around a bit killing some time because Mary (their adorable long haired blond and blue eyed four year old) was still at her playschool... preschool... schoolish.  And there are just a couple things I really liked about being around Portia.  First off, she was trying to find this homeless woman who wanders at a certain intersection because she and her kids had bought a present for her (a pair of shoes)... And she wanted me to surprise the woman, as I'm a stranger, and just give her the gift.  Secondly, Portia is probably one of my top five cutest young mothers who I adore and secretly look up to and want to emulate when the day "little Melissa's" and "unknown father named afters" are running around.  Maybe its that you love your own kids, but she just is so sweet and patient.  One of those mothers who doesnt fight but makes everything seem like a good idea that if you arent tired you want to agree with, with a little gentle persistence.  

So we picked Mary up from school, and she told her mom that she could pick her up early everyday if she brought donuts every time... SCORE! SO in with the four year old.  So after that Portia decided to drive and show me her favorite produce store.  We took turns going in because the kids were asleep in the car, but I went in and it was great.  Everything looked amazing.  And was cheap... something thats hard to come by often.  And I actually had planned on bringing Aunt Shelly's recipe for blueberry muffins and some blueberries so I could make them muffins... but I hadnt gotten blueberries (because the little market by my house is no better than a convenience store... shame shame)... so this impromptu stop at the grocery store was PERFECT.  I bought some bluberries and a little bit of fruit to last the next week here and took my turn staying with the kids.  Well, Mary... she decided to sing me a rooster cocka-doodle song.  I was quite impressed.  And Wesley (2) and Henry (6 months) did wake up but were perfectly happy. 

But our next stop was Target.  Its interesting shopping with children.  They reach for EVERYTHING.  And suddenly a cart that wasnt that full has a few hidden treasures.  Really though they were well behaved kids.  Played in the cart... pointed out everything that could be added to their "lists"... Mary's list in particular was quite inclusive.  And Portia I think felt bad for me cause she kept hinting that I could wander off and look for stuff but I seriously was just happy to follow her and her kids around.  I told her when I first got picked up that I was happy doing whatever they were doing for the day and I really meant it.  

By the time Target was over though the kids were getting a little hungry.  Ok and my little tumbler was rumblin' too.  So we went back to their house for lunch.  On our way Portia saw a man standing in between the roads with a sign asking for help.  She slowed down and handed him an orange she had just bought.  Seriously she is AMAZING.  I might sound a little star struck by Portia but its only because I am.  She had left over enchiladas... and suddenly she had whipped up this amazing plate of food for me.  Rice, salad, mangos, pineapple, enchiladas... mmm... so good.  After lunch, I decided to bust out the recipe and make muffins... except Portia didnt have any muffin tins so we used Bread pans.  Still... cake muffins... they were really good.  Oh Aunt Shelly and her dream muffins.  

After that the kids watched a little tv and I tried to clean up the mess I had created with my baking.  Then I sat down to work a bit on a Christmas project I've got going on.  Its top secret so once its given I'll tell you about it.  But the kids wanted to join too so I gave them some construction paper and  pens and Mary, who writes letters (singular, not the long epistle) wrote a whole bunch of cards to different people.  The tricky part was when she'd ask you to read what her letters said.  Sadly I didnt get how that game worked (aka make it up and hope you can mind read a little) but her mom pulled out flying colors.  Moms' definitely have an upper hand with their own kids.  

So I may also have slightly had a little star tour... so Mitt Romney is in Portia's family ward.  And Elder Eyrings' son (or grandson, I cant remember which) is also in her ward.  And his wife invited Portia and the kids over for dinner since both of their husbands were out of town.  Portia said it was ok for me to tag along so I did.  The Eyring's house was so BEAUTIFUL.  Like I wish I was more of a stalker and took pictures.. the mental pictures are enough for me.  Just a very classy looking house.  I really liked it.  And we drove by Mitt Romney's house too.  And Amy Eyring... wife to Elder Eyrings son/grandson(?) is so nice.  Seriously... nice people... they are everywhere.  And Amy has five kids... three daughters and two sons.  Well the oldest daughters are in grade five and three and showed us a few of their talents.  The grade fiver played the piano... and she was good.  And I dont mean like... you're alright for someone your age... no I mean good.  Expressive, beautiful music that came alive at her finger tips.  Her mom claims to have no musical inklings but dang.  And the grade three'er played the violin for us... and it reminded me of my Takahashi cousins.  They were both adorable girls.  And the dinner was very fun and nice.  

I did learn a few things... for instance, apparently after your third kid, strangers will start commenting on the fact that they think you are crazy for going for kid number four or five.  Giving you crazy looks and telling you right to your face that you are crazy... something to look forward too... haha.  Oh strangers... they love being in your life.  Even though they dont know you at all.  

So I came back to Portia's house after the dinner.  Poor Portia.. had me trailing her all day.  But she put her kids to bed and I did a minute amount of studying.  Bro. Thompson got home and got the nice surprise of me letting him in the locked door because he didnt have keys and the door was locked.  haha... I felt bad for intruding on their reunion moment.  But at the same time I kinda like witnessing things like that.  Its like going to the zoo but way cooler because it doesnt smell.  You get to see and watch love in action.  And I kinda like that a little.  So Portia told Ryan (Bro. Thompson) about the day while he ate his cap'n crunch cereal... It just was a cute little moment I got to witness.  Then Portia graciously offered to drive me home.  Even though I live so far away from her.  She lives in Belmont... Which means she had to drive through Cambridge, through most of Boston to get to my house.  I mean I was grateful.  Boy was I.  Its pouring rain and public transportation just doesnt compare to a car (I dont care what the bus ads say)... 

I got home and just felt great about the day.  Really there was no big event.  It was like I was shadowing a mom for a day.  But it was just fun to be with someone who has it figured out.  She knows where she's going and is just a smart smart lady... and I got a lot of food out of it... leftover pizza, white trash (aka chex mix covered in white chocolate - from sis. Eyring), fruit, a bit of the blueberry cake... So basically this was the greatest non-productive day of the semester.  And was totally worth it. 


Monday, December 8, 2008

Handy Harriet

I happen to have possibly the draftiest window ever... and as such I've been sleeping with a serious amount of winter gear.  And I went to my roommates room and it was a sauna compared to my room.  So I decided today, since its cold enough that I now need mitts, touque, hoodie and winter jacket (+ sweats that are a school staple), that it was time to quit putting off weather proofing my window... so I stop dying of hypothermia.  

First I figured out how to shut my window all the way. Cause it wouldnt shut at the bottom or the top.  Sadly that didnt fix the drafting... only made it slightly more bearable.

But I was determined.  I want to be able to sit in shorts in my toasty warm house... Instead of two pairs of sweats under all the blankets I own.  

So I went all handy on the world... And bought a window insulation kit!

And this is all it took... some plastic, scissors, double sided tape and ya.. a hair dryer.

Works like a charm.  I already feel so much warmer. So hopefully that continues.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Not Thinking About It

You know when someone tells you not to think of something... and then that is the only thing you can think of? Ya... totally having that problem. Except I'm the one who told myself not to think about it. Freaking day.

Well what I'm thinking about is someone I used to know. And I was perfectly happy letting this person slide into that whole arena of the past... but I think I'm being haunted. Horrible how that happens sometimes. So I'm not thinking about it.

And thats working out... well... not that well.

So to distract myself I'm blogging. Woot.

But it is kinda amazing to me how people can change so quickly. I was reading the BOM yesternite about the conversion of the Anti-Nephi-Lehies... and well... once they were on board... they were ONBOARD. Like nothing was gonna get them to renounce what they knew to be true. Not people with swords, slicing and dicing. Its freaking amazing when you think about.

Anyways on the line of change... It seems like small little decisions lead to all the changes you make. Because one small decision after another and suddenly you look up and you are far from where you started. And that can go good... or not so good.

I feel like when I look back at the seventeen year old version of myself...

I kinda am amazed by some of the differences. At least I feel like I'm different. I hope that I'm smarter. Maybe a little wiser... and I think a little kinder. Life has a way of slowly changing you... Or sometimes doing it real fast and painful like. But change it does. And things that I didnt think were all that important back then now are... And ya know that old saying that you turn into your parents... I totally think it might be true. I kinda forced my mom into reading me some of her old journal entries from before she was married... and the way she wrote things. I swear I have very similar entries in my own journals. It was weird to hear. And well, turning out like my dad. Brilliant, successful, loyal ... loves his job... I think I could handle that too. The weirdest part is is that as a seventeen-year old I thought I was nothing like my parents. And now I find out that I'm kinda similar in a freaky friday kinda way. But I dont mind. I wouldnt have it any other way.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Landia

There are people in the world who barely need any sleep.  I am not one of them.  Today I slept for 17 hours... which means I woke up at 7 pm.  Sick I know.  But seriously... I could always sleep.  Its like a dream of mine to be able to sleep for a full day straight.  And someday I think it'll happen.  I mean I'm only a solid 7 hours off right?  Thats nothing. 

The only shame of sleeping so much is I wake up to all I havent done while I was unconscious.  Oh well though.  

But this week was American Thanksgiving.  My first actually.
  And while it was good (one of the bishopric had all us orphans over for food and family feud on DVD) I think I prefer a thanksgiving better when I'm with my own fam.  

So I thought I would tell the story of why Canadians have thanksgiving (told to me by my momma)...

A long time ago pilgrims landed in Plymouth at Plymouth Rock.  They joined the indians for a feast of friendship and camaraderie.  Then these pilgrims separated into loyalists (loyal to the British crown) and the soon to be americans... Well the loyalists went north and the americans stayed south.  But each group still celebrated thanksgiving.  Then the Americans.. always wanting to be a little different decided they didnt like Thanksgiving in October and thus moved their thanksgiving to November... and made it longer.  And that is how we now have two thanksgivings... My dad likes the American one better because its a longer holiday... and I do agree its nice to have it... But I'm already picturing a February without reading week... And I think I'd rather my week long vacay be then.  Oh well though.  

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Boy Named Ben

Something that I've been thinking about alot is the notes my brother Ben writes.  It just seems so amazing to me how he is able to be so honest and open in his writings.  Like I know he'll tell you what he thinks in person and to your face... whether you like it or not... but somehow reading it off a page, you see a side to him that you wouldnt expect to be there.  I just am really impressed by him.  He shows no fear.  He truly values the things he says... even if its just arguing for some theoretical point.  He doesnt care who does and doesnt read it.  And while sometimes I might not appreciate it in person... I still love to read the words he manipulates to be his own.  Ben and I can be so different.  But there are moments when we are so similar at the same time.  Anyways... below is a note I stole off his facebook (hopefully he doesnt mind)...

Hinc Illae Lacrimae
Its been long years since I've been held like a child being coddled.
My strength... my pain.
Push intimacy away;
I am what is left.

These walls of defence become a cage,
And I can't bring them down from the inside.
Soon I fail to feel for friends, 
Leaving me to wonder if I have love to give.

If life is to love, 
Then surely I've been dead quite a while.
A corpse manipulated by my own hand;
Moving to the illusion of living.

Continually I die the loneliest death, 
In this solitude I've made with my singularity;
Ever this flesh separates,
Leaving nothing to be held.
~ Ben Lowry

Someday I hope that I will feel so brave.  Because I think writing is one of the best forms of expression.  Anyways... A Boy Named Ben; someone I look up to. 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Feeling Like a Dental Student

This last week we had two days where it really felt like I was in dental school.  The first was we did probing for the first time.  Which, for those of you who dont know, is when you check to see how healthy the gum tissue is and if there's any bone recession by sticking your probe into the gingival sulcus (aka the space between your gums and teeth).  I would put up a picture but 1.  I forgot to take one while I was doing it and 2. My instruments are being sterilized at the school.  So just try to picture it in your heads.  

The more exciting thing though is what we did today.  Wax ups.  Which probably doesnt sound all that cool but from this little tooth prep we build a tooth.  The prep is more like a little nubbin' of a tooth.   

Anyways to re-build the tooth you need to make it look like your neighbour tooth... using wax and this waxer machine that heats the wax so you can add it.  Anyways.. for my first time, I'm decently proud of what I made... Its not perfect but my teacher said it was one of the better ones in the class.  Yay!    

Anywho... I like it.  It was kinda relaxing to just sit there and build a tooth.  Kinda made me forget I've got a big exam on Monday that I need to be studying for.  

The Life and Times of a Girl

So blogging.  I feel like for people that are far away it is a really good idea.  It lets you stay connected.  And I always thought that when I made my big travel debut I would keep all my adoring fans updated.  Telling them all about the adventures and knowing me... awkward misadventures.  And apparently I'm a band wagon jumper too.  So this is me jumping.  

But I live in Boston.  That's still so weird to me.  I know its been like 5 months.  It should probably stop being weird.  But its not. And the truth is, being here... makes me realize that I heart and soul adore Alberta.  I miss Alberta Beef.  Just kidding... We'll see how it goes though.  Everyone says Boston grows on you.  

But here is top 5 of my adventures in the last five months (that I can remember anyways)... things that have made this moving across the country and well, into another country interesting...

1. I got asked if I wanted to share someone's iPod on the subway...

2.  Someone asked to take a picture of my heel... for a school report?

3.  I got to go see MAE... for Free... Oh it was beautiful!

4.  Mom, Matt and I walked the streets of Boston... which was way tiring but so good too... I love having any family visit.

5... mmm.. getting lost in a graveyard... There's this huge famous/gorgeous graveyard (Mt. Auburn) that everyone says you have to go see.  And there's a big tower in the middle that lets you see Boston for miles around.  Well, I separated from the group and didnt realise that it was really twisty turn-y in the graveyard... so I got lost and couldnt find my way out.  Made me feel like I was five.  Especially when an older couple escorted me to the entrance.

So thats the catch up.  Boston, Dental School and now a blog.  We'll see how that goes.