Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ice Cream Social

You can say many things about dental students, but one things for sure - We never turn down free food, especially of the dessert variety.

My ice cream of choice for the day?
Vanilla ice cream, gummi bears, m&m's and caramel sauce.
It hit the spot.

Mock Boards - Fixed and Endo

I took my Mock Boards this morning - which basically are a practice session that the school puts on to simulate taking the NERB licensure exam (which of course isnt the American exam I'm taking).
I had to do a root canal on #8 and the access cavity for #3, as well as do the preps for a 3 unit bridge #19-21 and All-ceramic crown on #9.
I wont lie. I didnt really practice for this. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've only ever prepped #9 once and that was probably in 2nd year. And I hadnt done an access cavity for #3 since pre-clin Endo. Basically, I was definitely lacking in the preparation part and kinda expected my natural abilities to carry me through.
I took the entire time for both sections. And I'm actually quite tired now since I barely finished on time.
But good news is, I got a perfect grade on my #8.
Kinda awesome.
I went to brag to Alisun about it, and she laughed and asked if I had been sailing while I did it, cause my hair is crazy. I was a little anxious about it all and apparently my hair is letting the world know it. 
Still. Perfect is perfect. And I'm quite pleased.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Warrior Dash

Dee suggested a while ago that we try our hand at a 3 mile obstacle course race. And while running and obstacles arent usually my thing, truthfully I like that Dee comes up with fun and interesting things for me to do. Yes, they are often outside my comfort zone. But really, trying new things with my friends is less intimidating to me. And I'm pretty much always game for her ideas, so she continues to invite me. So I continue to say yes. Its quite the adventure laden circle. 

Dee picked us up some matching camo shirts - because obviously at the warrior dash you need something tough looking to wear - and I braided Dee's hair and we put on some rather darling bandana's. 
As you can tell we're super tough. 

Of course no warrior outfit is complete without some awesome face paint (the more of the face the more hardcore you are). 
Its tougher that way.

See what I mean?
Super tough. Practically T-U-F-F.

The race itself was crazy. First off, the traffic alone to get to the parking lots was insane... we ended up being an hour and a half late for our race. But it worked out just fine because they had heats of up to 600 people leaving every half hour. It was a crap load of people. We started out running... but that didnt really last long. Yes there was tons of people... but more so there was tons of mud. It was crazy. It has been raining in Boston the last week and it poured rain at 8am when the races started. I had SO much mud in my shoes it was ridiculous. And my heels have paid the price since with the mud came a lot of sticks and stones and other rubbish. Good thing I wore old runners that I knew werent making the trip back with me and scraps heal. Honestly, the majority of the course was like trudging through a bog. At its least the mud came up mid shin. But with each step you didnt know how far down your leg would sink. I wont pretend that I didnt fall a couple times, because sometimes the mud was up to my thigh and sometimes I'm clumsy. I would have to say that my favorite part of the whole thing was the obstacles. I thought that I might be a bit intimidated by them. But truthfully I ended up feeling like it was no big deal. Climb a tall wall with a rope and foot holds. Easy Peasy. Walk across skinny boards. No prob. Jump over some fire. Seriously No Big Deal. It was kind of funny cause I'd be up and over some of the obstacles, and Dee and Meag were like "What the heck? How did you do that so fast?" There was even a mud slip and slide of sorts... but mostly that just means a really steep hill that has nice and slick mud. Lets just say a mud slip and slide is less kind on the bottom, what with all the twigs and rocks sticking out. I ended up rolling down part way so I could save my bum from getting all scraped up. 

At the end we got our warrior medals, t-shirts and got to stand in front of the coldest pressurized water that was blown through fans at us to help us clean off. I must say, even though the water was brutal, when we got to the car I was glad I had decided to be a little more thorough than Meag and Dee.
The only downside to the whole thing was that I couldnt bring my camera. It definitely wouldnt of survived the experience. And that resulted in the post-pictures being less impressive than if I'd been covered in mud. Thankfully, Dee vetoed the water spray.

Dee the Warrior
Isnt she lovely?
And yes, there was a big muddy smear on the hood of her car.
Oh and did I forget to mention I now own that lovely hat as well.
Quite the parting prize.

So our post picture looks like we've each had a bit of an accident. 
I swear its mud!

Dee brought some water bottles and towels to help us clean off some of the mud.
And while that was pretty nice, I was more than ready to jump in the shower when I got home.

WOot Woot Warriors!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Like That

1. The sun setting across the Charles.

2. Clinic sessions where instead of the usual 1 filling completed, I do 4. (even if they were easy Class V's)

3. Killing it at softball (and yes I seem to have finally broken the horrible no hit streak I was on). We won both our games on Monday by large margins and I had a couple really solid at bats. Now if I could only figure out how to catch the ball when its flying over my head in the outfield...

4. Lemon icing on cupcakes. I'm still drooling over the icing Mel made for Annie's 1st birthday party.

5. Peanut butter, celery sticks and craisins. Seriously the best snack ever!

6. New scrub colors. I finally gave in and ordered more scrubs (what with them being a daily apparel, I might as well have quite a few sets). And I love the new colors I got. Caribbean blue you are awesome.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ahoy Matey

One thing my group of friends is really good at, is making me step outside my comfort zone. They invite me to do all sorts of things that if I were left to my own devices I would probably never do. Learning to sail definitely fell into that category. 
Its not that I didnt think sailing would be fun.
It just had never occurred to me to do it.
And if I had to do it by myself - ya, it just wouldnt happen.
Because its less nerve wracking to learn something new, when you have friends with you.
The first day we went to Community Boating we were supposed to do the Orientation (where they show you all the different boats) and then if we wanted to Rigging (learn to put a sail up). And we did that. But as soon as it finished we were itching to take a boat out. Didnt matter that we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. They just let us take a boat anyways. It was slightly ridiculous.

But even though I dont think I'm quite ready to just start sailing without the company of John or Derrick, I have to admit that there is something about it that is really amazing. Last week Derrick and I took a Shore School class. And then later in the week John, Derrick and I went and took another boat out. Derrick and I managed to pass all our requirements so we're now ready to start solo sailing. 
But both days I was in the worst of moods. Clinic has been rather hard on my ego lately. But I didnt want to miss out on the sailing and came despite the fact that all I wanted to do was skip it. But there is something about sailing. Both times I left chipper and excited and just happy. 
Sailing makes me happy.

Turns out even though learning new things is terribly intimidating, its also kind of awesome.

I'm a Train Wreck Before Your Eyes - Come Watch the Carnage

I would say that in general, I do a pretty great job of appearing put together. I get freaked out and feel out of my depth just like everybody else, but usually I steel my nerves and pull myself in tight so that I can make it through. And usually that works. Even if I'm a jumble inside, on the outside I appear strong and hard and capable.

But then I have days like today. Instead of pulling myself in tight I completely fell apart. I dont do well when I dont feel like I know what I'm doing and when I dont feel like I'm getting the help I'm asking for. Especially since I so rarely ask for help.

I told my faculty member that I had never done a final impression. And he knew that my patient had been fighting me the entire appointment - jumping at everything I would do, not allowing me to suction or put cottons rolls or dri-angles in his mouth. But my faculty said he was too busy to help and told me to find someone to do the final impression with - since its not something you can do by yourself. I didnt even know how to use the machine or set it up and I didnt have anyone I knew to ask to help me. And I walked up to the sterilization window and just burst into tears. This appointment did not go how I had planned at all.
Number of times I burst into tears in my one appointment in front of people: 2. Number of times I burst into tears in empty bays, hallways, stairwells and/or elevators: Well... no need to put a number on that. As soon as my appointment was over and I was able, I ran from the building. Full on, sprinting away, with my back pack bouncing all over. I physically could not be there for one second longer. I came home and dissolved. And then cried myself to sleep. Days like today make me doubt my ability to make it through this next year. Days like today make me want to hide and never re-surface. And if I wasnt full of responsibility I think I would do just that.

But tomorrow is another day. And I really dont have the time to be off the horse. Because while I may never want to see the school or another patient again, I know that the reality of the situation is I have to buck up and do it anyways.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Clinic Notes

So I found a little surprise amongst my things when my appointment was finished today.

I must say... The Tooth Fairy is not wrong about me.
Also, I got so excited to find this secret note.
Brought back the junior high slash high school excitement of passing notes in class.
And you know I loved passing notes.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I forgot that a Bruins win last night means a patient no show this morning :(

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Raw Tacos

Let me start by saying that these tacos are the bomb.
Seriously everything about them made me so supremely happy.
And I couldnt help but be a little impressed with myself, because 1. They are very healthy and 2. All the ingredients were so fresh and homemade (minus the taco shells) and 3. They were SO SIMPLE!

1. Making your raw "meat"
So I got the idea for raw tacos from busybeelauren as well as the above photo. But we made our taco meat a little differently . Since I own zero kitchen appliances, and Alisun only owns a blender (which isnt quite the kick of a food processor), we decided that attempting to blend the walnuts would be our best bet (and as such we still had some nut chunks in our mix! But that definitely added to the taco). Also, we had not soaked and strained the walnuts in water for three hours. That would take forethought and this meal was but a spur of the moment plan. But we werent about to be hindered. So we googled some alternatives. Not only can you make your "meat" from different nuts (for example sunflower seeds and almonds) but you can also add water to the processed nuts so that they arent extra dry and get the right consistency. 
So thats what we did. We blended - trying very hard to not over blend - added some water (just enough so that it had the consistency of ground beef), 2 tsp minced garlic and googled the spices required to make our own taco seasoning. And then we added more taco seasoning (cause the meat was a little on the bland side with the first dose of taco seasoning). 

2. Making fresher than fresh Salsa
Dice and combine:
2 Large tomatoes
1 Red Pepper
1 Green Pepper
1/4 C. Cilantro
1/4 C. Green onions
The juice of 1 Lime
Add salt and pepper to taste

3. Combine and die a Happy Happy food death
 I cannot stress how amazing this meal was. 
We added some lettuce and avocado to our meat, cheese and salsa.
If I could of found sprouted grain tortillas we would of used that, but I couldnt. Which made me mad for people with legit gluten allergies, because while I have the luxury of just switching to the gluten option, how annoying it must be for them to not be able to find a gluten free version.
Besides the point.
It honestly was one of the best and most filling meals I've had.
And so flavorful. It was amazing. When I tell you these tacos are the bomb, that is an understatement.

I, for real, was in love with these TACOS!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rolling Out of Third...

Once upon a time, I wrote my last didactic exam of my dental career.
Thats right. I only have ONE MORE YEAR of dental school.
Its insanity.

Lucinda came up with a brilliant t-shirt idea and I helped her with the logo and Alisun put it all together and we got some class t-shirts. I love class t-shirts. They are my favorite. And I particularly like this one.
The back said "3500 or bust!" which was a little jab at the ridiculously arbitrary number of points we had to achieve this last year to get an A in clinic. Even with our complete patient shortage, it was 3500 or bust. But as dental students you learn to work the system, and work it we did.

 We had a class pub crawl to celebrate the end to classes. 
I wont lie. I wasnt super psyched about going. Because pub crawls kinda suck.
But I like my friends. And I like spending time with them. And I wanted to celebrate being done.
Since our t-shirt design was the most popular of any t-shirt that our class has sold, we had mad appetizers.
I like food. Especially cheesy delicious food.

Mark, Charles, Lindsey

Me, Dee, Lucinda, Dan, Nick


This is Derek Martin. Aka The Other Derrick. Aka Type II (Get it? his initials are DM.. aka Diabetes Mellitus... and he's the second Derrick... ha.. yup.. Alisun and I were really cool when we came up with that).
Sometimes he gets jealous that Alisun joined another group (though she still maintains her membership in her original group and even though he could easily join as well).
Sometimes photo documentation of us acknowledging the others presence needs to happen.
Sometimes its still awkward around him. HA. (I'm such an awkward body)

Kandis, Derek, Alisun

Sabrina, Mike, Aaron, Amit

Kandis, Jess, Alisun, Kony and Tim

Robert, Lucinda and Dan.

Why pictures like this happen, no idea. But it still makes me laugh. So happy my camera was ready and caught this little moment.

So I happen to be quite lucky.
I have great friends who more than fully support my camera-happy-ness. 
So much so that they let me take a million photos and come up with great ideas for pictures... 

The good side
With my hair to one side, it was pretty much necessary for me to be on patients left all evening. 
Good thing, Lucinda likes standing on patients right for pictures.

 Classic Study Group Shot
Of course we have yet to top the cookie day study group shot.
But study group has officially been disbanded :(
Seriously I loved our study seshes at the Barry Residence.
As Dan can attest, it almost never sounded like studying!
Seriously, Lucinda and Derrick made studying a riot.
And even though I definitely dont miss classes or tests, I miss spending so much time with these two.

Derrick put the vibe out for people to come take photos with us.

 Derrick vs. Derek
Sometimes Alisun and I are ridiculous and imagine the Derrick(Derek)'s from our different groups fight for who's the best Derrick. Based on this picture I'm gonna have to give DC the win. He has his game face on.

But mostly we're just excited to all be friends.
Especially my groups Derrick.

 The Barry's :)

Gang signs from prom were still a big hit.
Obviously Lucinda was a little worried I'd go all gansta on her.
She jumped on board the gansta train though.

My absolute favorite part of the night was the last stop.
Its just fun to watch people get up there and sing.
And its fun to dance.
Derrick killed it with a stellar performance of eye of the tiger.
By far my favorite performance of the night.

HA. Random middle-aged woman who wanted a part of the karaoke action.

All in all the night was a success!