Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mock Boards - Fixed and Endo

I took my Mock Boards this morning - which basically are a practice session that the school puts on to simulate taking the NERB licensure exam (which of course isnt the American exam I'm taking).
I had to do a root canal on #8 and the access cavity for #3, as well as do the preps for a 3 unit bridge #19-21 and All-ceramic crown on #9.
I wont lie. I didnt really practice for this. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've only ever prepped #9 once and that was probably in 2nd year. And I hadnt done an access cavity for #3 since pre-clin Endo. Basically, I was definitely lacking in the preparation part and kinda expected my natural abilities to carry me through.
I took the entire time for both sections. And I'm actually quite tired now since I barely finished on time.
But good news is, I got a perfect grade on my #8.
Kinda awesome.
I went to brag to Alisun about it, and she laughed and asked if I had been sailing while I did it, cause my hair is crazy. I was a little anxious about it all and apparently my hair is letting the world know it. 
Still. Perfect is perfect. And I'm quite pleased.

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