Monday, June 13, 2011

Rolling Out of Third...

Once upon a time, I wrote my last didactic exam of my dental career.
Thats right. I only have ONE MORE YEAR of dental school.
Its insanity.

Lucinda came up with a brilliant t-shirt idea and I helped her with the logo and Alisun put it all together and we got some class t-shirts. I love class t-shirts. They are my favorite. And I particularly like this one.
The back said "3500 or bust!" which was a little jab at the ridiculously arbitrary number of points we had to achieve this last year to get an A in clinic. Even with our complete patient shortage, it was 3500 or bust. But as dental students you learn to work the system, and work it we did.

 We had a class pub crawl to celebrate the end to classes. 
I wont lie. I wasnt super psyched about going. Because pub crawls kinda suck.
But I like my friends. And I like spending time with them. And I wanted to celebrate being done.
Since our t-shirt design was the most popular of any t-shirt that our class has sold, we had mad appetizers.
I like food. Especially cheesy delicious food.

Mark, Charles, Lindsey

Me, Dee, Lucinda, Dan, Nick


This is Derek Martin. Aka The Other Derrick. Aka Type II (Get it? his initials are DM.. aka Diabetes Mellitus... and he's the second Derrick... ha.. yup.. Alisun and I were really cool when we came up with that).
Sometimes he gets jealous that Alisun joined another group (though she still maintains her membership in her original group and even though he could easily join as well).
Sometimes photo documentation of us acknowledging the others presence needs to happen.
Sometimes its still awkward around him. HA. (I'm such an awkward body)

Kandis, Derek, Alisun

Sabrina, Mike, Aaron, Amit

Kandis, Jess, Alisun, Kony and Tim

Robert, Lucinda and Dan.

Why pictures like this happen, no idea. But it still makes me laugh. So happy my camera was ready and caught this little moment.

So I happen to be quite lucky.
I have great friends who more than fully support my camera-happy-ness. 
So much so that they let me take a million photos and come up with great ideas for pictures... 

The good side
With my hair to one side, it was pretty much necessary for me to be on patients left all evening. 
Good thing, Lucinda likes standing on patients right for pictures.

 Classic Study Group Shot
Of course we have yet to top the cookie day study group shot.
But study group has officially been disbanded :(
Seriously I loved our study seshes at the Barry Residence.
As Dan can attest, it almost never sounded like studying!
Seriously, Lucinda and Derrick made studying a riot.
And even though I definitely dont miss classes or tests, I miss spending so much time with these two.

Derrick put the vibe out for people to come take photos with us.

 Derrick vs. Derek
Sometimes Alisun and I are ridiculous and imagine the Derrick(Derek)'s from our different groups fight for who's the best Derrick. Based on this picture I'm gonna have to give DC the win. He has his game face on.

But mostly we're just excited to all be friends.
Especially my groups Derrick.

 The Barry's :)

Gang signs from prom were still a big hit.
Obviously Lucinda was a little worried I'd go all gansta on her.
She jumped on board the gansta train though.

My absolute favorite part of the night was the last stop.
Its just fun to watch people get up there and sing.
And its fun to dance.
Derrick killed it with a stellar performance of eye of the tiger.
By far my favorite performance of the night.

HA. Random middle-aged woman who wanted a part of the karaoke action.

All in all the night was a success!


Royall said...

"Gang signs from prom were still a big hit". I'm busting a gut.

Royall said...

Like actually dying laughing.

Cathy said...

I like your t-shirt. Rad. And I'm just going to go ahead and comment on everything else right now...
So I want those tacos in my belly. And I'll hook you up with a mango salsa recipe to die for. And that note was cute. You have good friends.