Thursday, July 5, 2012

Things I Like About This Summer So Far

1. The anklet Nicole made for me. Generally I don't wear a ton of jewelry. But I love jewelry that can be put on and stay on. Every time I see it I smile that Nicole (via Matt and Tiff in a graduation present extravaganza) gave me such a wonderful gift. I love it. Wholeheartedly.

2. The inklings of a tan. I've spent so many summers in school. Or working. So the freedom of being able to lazily go outside into the sun is beyond brilliant to me. The sun. Who knew I loved it so much? And of course my legs not being the whitest things I've ever seen helps

3. Sea dooing lazy lake days. On the 2nd my parents, Josh and I met up with the Kays and Jesse. I still feel so shell shocked doing fun things. But it was very fun. Jeff destroyed me on the sea doo ride I went with him. I lost in a spectacular fashion the couple hands of rook I subbed in for. There were Mosquitos aplenty. But the massive bruise on my arm makes me laugh. And the lake had a hot end. And sea doos are so fun. And the Kay's are such gracious and lovely people. And I have missed talking and spending time with Jess. It was wonderful.

4. The meals Dave and I make together. The majority of my time in Alberta has been spent staying with Dave and Nat. And I love how great Dave is at knowing what will taste good. He teases me that I need to trust him because when it comes to food he wouldn't steer me wrong. And after the wonderful food he's thought up, I'm starting to believe him.

5. Natalie is my workout idol. So dedicated. So amazingly in shape. I am going to try to live up to her work out standard. But it's kinda great having someone to look up to.

6. The new spiderman movie. Lame that I loved the acting and awkward teen moments? Maybe. But it was seriously really good. And I love the guy who played Peter Parker.