Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Dear Legs -
Thanks for deciding that today you would weigh a billion
pounds and hate running. That was really considerate of
you. When you make me feel like I've never run before in
my life... I really like that. Wait... no, I think I got
that wrong. Actually I hate it. Tomorrow I would appreciate
a little more cooperation. If not, I will continue to run
you into submission. And yes - that was a threat.

Dear Shower - ooooooooooo
You are great.oooooooooooooo
I could live in you if I didnt think...
1) doing dentistry in you would be
cramped oooooooooooooooooo
2) being naked in front of patients
would be awkward and oooooo
3) eating could get tricky - and oo
Keep up the good work though. You
make me smell better - and I think o
the world appreciates that.ooooooo

Dear Self -
Why do you love long showers? I know they are amazing and all... but tonite you missed a very important phone call. Yup... one of those once in a blue moon type. Remember Josh? Your wonderful baby brother who is leaving to go to some remote island in the middle of the pacific for the next two years, where you wont hear his kind and wise voice... ringing any bells? Ya... well your love of showering cost you a chance to talk to him. You could of used that chat. It would of been amazing. Instead you got very clean. Josh is more important than cleanliness and now you will have to wait for another three months to talk to him again. That blows. Maybe you could learn to be a little more attached to your phone and therefore this problem wouldnt occur. Either way, tonite you are an idiot. And I hope you're kicking yourself for deciding to shower slowly.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Surprise Mel - Its Your Birthday!

There are a few things I like about this picture.

The first being the genuine surprise face Mel is making. Her birthday was on Thursday and Derrick threw together a little surprise get-together for her tonite since he was at school and then out of town for her actual birthday.

The second is the fact that you can see Derrick's face in the mirror. And he is so pleased with how this went down. And really I can't blame him. She was actually surprised. I feel like surprises never work out how you plan them.

Derrick slaved away all day making Mel a cake. What a nice husband.
The trick candles he put on the cake were an interesting touch. One that I dont think was on purpose.

Birthday Girl and her cake!

John's kids were so excited for cake. While we waited for Mel to come - Aiden kept going and checking on the cake. They were only too happy to lick the candles. I think it added to that excitement.

And well... who can blame them.
I was excited for cake too.

I love cake!

And it was a big hit all around.

Abby just laid back and let John spoon feed her cake.
What a good dad John is!

She looked very relaxed - chocolate coma? Might be.
I'd say a pretty successful little get-together. And it was great seeing the finished results of Derrick and Mel's apartment. Cause I helped move them in - and well... lets just say I worried about getting Hepatitis the first time I stepped in. They cleaned and organized like mad to make their place awesome. Plus its just fun to hang out. Seriously I adore my dental friends. They're awesome. For real.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'll Keep You Safe

Its strange but somehow I always feel safe. Even if I shouldnt. I went running yesterday... at one am. I ran through Boston Common, along the Charles, through the city streets. It was a long run (for me) and gave me time to work out my frustrations. Cause if you're physically tired, you tend to be too tired to be annoyed at the things in your life. And endorphins are my BFF. But strangers who I would run past would call out for me to be careful. Strange. I told Sheila I was going running, but missed the part where she said she'd call the cops if I wasnt back in an hour. Yup... I definitely was gone longer than an hour. Poor Sheila, thought I might of died but was holding off calling the cops till I was gone for two hours cause she figured there was no way I would run for two hours (how right she was). But I didnt even feel the slightest bit scared running so late and all by myself. It felt great to run in the dark. To run in my own solitude. And I may start midnight running more often - it used to be one of my favorite things to do in Edmonton, why not here? Why should I be scared of the world? It doesnt come naturally to me so why should I fight it.

But I've decided that I'm tired of waiting and creating lists of all the things I want to do in my future - cause I'm great at not trying things either because I'm scared I'll suck, or I have more pressing things to do. More often I have more pressing things to do.

But I've wanted to take a yoga class for awhile - and now I am (fridays in between class and lab). And I really really like it. Its relaxing and surprising how intense of a workout it is. It helps that its not big into the whole like weirdo side of yoga. More so its like a good long stretch sesh. That leaves me sore for days. I still laugh at the end protocol though -- they leave us telling us to honor the light within ourselves, the light within others and some other weirdo bit. I really have to try not to smirk and laugh.

Also, I've wanted to try racquet sports for awhile and as of Friday, now I have. John Keyes is big into squash and he's been inviting me to come play with him and other people from our class but I always put it off. Well Friday I got my first taste of it. And let me tell you... My butt has never hurt so good. Who knew that running around and hitting a tiny little ball would kill my legs. They were lead by the end. Though I also tried my hand at racquetball... Ya... I like that so much less. Mostly cause I'm not coordinated enough to actually hit the more bouncy ball. Yup, me=zero hand eye coordination. But I felt kinda proud as I left squash/racquetball.

I think that sometimes growing up is a good thing.
I mean I'm really not completely sold on it. And it does happen so gradually that sometimes I look back and am surprised at how different I am. I'm not seventeen anymore. But thats not necessarily a bad thing. There are moments when I'm so glad to be growing up. I'm becoming more my own person who doesnt let petty insecurities rule my life. Am I still insecure? Sure I am. But it doesnt mean I cant try and find things that I love to do and work around it. But am I where I want to be? Definitely not. But I suppose there's nothing to do but keep going. Because whether I like it or not, I can't stop time. It will continue.

I mean I was thinking of dear little Josh the other day. I remember so clearly him being five or six. It was his birthday and he still wore matching top and bottom print pjs. And he got so tired from the birthday celebration he fell asleep early. And I remember going in and just watching the poor child sleep. And taking pictures cause he was so ridiculously sweaty (Where did those photos go? He was really cute.) And now he leaves to some remote island on Tuesday. When did my baby brother, not become the baby?

I feel like I too share Brylie Wynes' problem.
ANGIE : "Brylie, is it hard to be a kid sometimes?"
BRYLIE : "Yeah, it is, I just think it's easier to be an adult"
"Well, I'll tell you, it's not that easy"
"It's not?"
"Nope. I think you should enjoy being a kid"
"But I don't want to enjoy being a kid, cause I want to be a mom like you"
"Well one day you will, but you need to be a kid first and have fun and play"
" You know, I wish that I could be a kid forever. I wish that everyone could stay how they are right now and no one could ever grow up"
"I wish that too sometimes, but we all grow up"
"I just want to stay 4 though, cause I don't ever want to be a giant"
"what do you mean?"
"if you grow up you always grow and you'll be a Giant, everyone turns into a giant"
"No they don't silly, you won't be a giant, you'll turn into an adult, then you stop growing, but you get old"
(P.S> Ang - hope you dont mind me stealing this excerpt!)
I wanna grow up - but at the same time I dont want things to change. I wanna live in the moment but I also hate the moment and look forward so much to the future. Its really tough to align yourself when you have such contradictory feelings.

I try to figure it out everyday. Somedays - clearly - are better than others. But I hope at the end, when I look back, I'm happy with how things went down. I hope that I cared enough, that I was brave on occasion, that I was dedicated, that I was loyal, that I was kind. Because growing up is hard. And I dont think anyone will argue me on that.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Want.

I dont know where it came from, but all the sudden I came to the realization that I want a longboard. I've been longboarding a couple times with different old boyfriends and really liked it. But never gave it a second thought.

I know nothing about longboarding. But I can picture myself, on the long paths along the Charles, the crisp autumn wind rushing past my face. Doesnt it sound glorious?

I've watched this video several times.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I am getting older. And lamer.

I definitely feel like getting older changes us. It mellows our viewpoints and changes our interests. I find myself loving things, I would of rejected doing as a 17-year old. Like baking. This semester I've been on a baking kick. Sheila is getting a strange version of me to say the least.

All week I've been wanting to make cookies. And I found a recipe online for Oatmeal Cookies.
The interweb wasnt lying when they called these Soft Oatmeal Cookies.
To quote Sheila:
"These cookies are awesome."

There you have it folks.

Soft Oatmeal Cookies


1 cup butter, softened

1 cup white sugar

1 cup packed brown sugar

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 cups all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

3 cups quick cooking oats


In a medium bowl, cream together butter, white sugar, and brown sugar. Beat in eggs one at a time, then stir in vanilla. Combine flour, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon; stir into the creamed mixture. Mix in oats. Cover, and chill dough for at least one hour.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Grease cookie sheets. Roll the dough into walnut sized balls, and place 2 inches apart on cookie sheets. Flatten each cookie with a large fork dipped in sugar.

Bake for 8 to 10 minutes in preheated oven. Allow cookies to cool on baking sheet for 5 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

Fridays are Funny

A few things made this Friday interesting:

1. Dr. Brown (in the striped shirt) runs our fixed class. Ya know the class where we learn how to do crowns and bridges. He is most definitely the coolest prof we've got.

He asked for volunteers on Friday to give us a visual on bridges and cantalevers.

Derrick Call and Nick Snider and Ivy Lipman got volunteered by the people sitting around them.

This is them demonstrating why a bridge is so strong. Derrick and Nick were the crowned teeth and Ivy was the rootless pontic that sits above the space in the mouth.

This is them post-showing why a cantalever is not as strong. Nick was supposed to hold Ivy up and Derrick was supposed to support him from behind. It was ridiculous.
And super funny.
Might of just been dental funny tho.

2. As John and I were leaving fixed, we made the mass exodus across Albany street with a ton of other people. And a car love tapped John. Yup the car was texting and not watching the fact that thirty people were crossing the street, and so it wasnt really slowing down. John had to slam his hand on the hood and jump a little to the side into me. It was totally ridiculous. The driver was an idiot.

3. I went to an Enrichment activity. Yikes. Wanna play a name game with like thirty people? The refreshments were very good tho. And might have been the only allure the activity held for me. Is it wrong to just go for the food?

4. I walked from Harvard Square-ish back to my apartment. Its a little over four miles. I took the route next to the Charles River. And it was really nice and peaceful.


I'm gonna go take a walk down memory lane. Enjoy!

1. When I was in ECS - which P.S. still have no clue what it stands for - we used to get to school via alleys. I only lived a block away so it really wasnt a far trek. But I remember one day a bunch of us kids from the area were playing in the alley. There was a big pile of like constructiony garbage and I was jumping on some boards and was barefoot (cause I hated shoes) and jumped right on a nail. David Alan peddled me home on his bike. When I think of Dave being my big brother, I think of that moment. I was in pain, and he took care of me and took me home.

2. When we moved to the West side of Lethbridge, my love affair with being late to school began. I hated waking up to go to school. And would try my best to miss as much school as possible. I would get woken up, hide around the house and hope I didnt get busted by one of my parents so I could stay home all day. I'm not sure it ever worked out - cause I dont remember ever missing much school. But I was late so much, the ladies at my elementary school had a late slip ready for me everyday. Now thats service!

3. There used to be a program on our computer at home that you could make Mickey Mouse banners and little print outs. I just remember Lindsay and I would make ridiculous banners that you tape together all the time. I have no idea why we loved them so much. Every birthday got a Mickey Mouse banner for like a year.

4. Chips Challenge. Anyone else remember how AWESOME that computer game was? Cause I loved it. Used to play it all the time as a kid. Loved it so much, I searched it down via google and downloaded it onto my old computer and would still play it. And there is definitely a website that will tell you how to beat each level. Yup, I'm a 90's gaming nerd.

5. In grade 4, I was in a class with a boy that lives on the cul-de-sac by my house. His name was Decklan Redman I think... he had a braided rat tail. And a crush on me. One day we were playing BINGO in class. Mr. Bryant left me in charge while he left the room. I won while he was gone. And while I was going up to Mr. Bryants desk, Decklan knocked my bingo card on the floor. I was so mad I punched him right in the chest while he sat in his desk. Everyone said his desk shook I hit him so hard. He threatened to beat up anyone who told on me to the teacher. Anyone else see the irony?

6. I hate lunch time. Its not that I hate eating lunch. I just hate the awkwardness that is lunch time. You finish eating and then what? Junior high lunch time was the worst. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to talk to. Eck. I used to wish that they would get rid of lunch and just let us out of school early. Actually I still wish that.

7. I joined school patrollers for a boy. Not cause I wanted the prestige (cause yes, there was prestige involved with being a patroller). Not for the flashy bright orange vests. Nope, strictly so I could spend time with a boy I had a crush on.

8. Sometimes I still feel 14. And my face tries to act 14 still. Its a bit much. The acne, the drama, the insecurities. Oh I dont wish junior high on anyone! I remember writing a note to my friend about how much I hated the class I was in. Too many snobby popular people. Who found and read the note. It was bad junior high news.

9. Some of my favorite moments, are in the dark. I love running in the dark. I love walking in the dark. Games in the dark. There is something nice about being hidden under the cover of darkness. I like it best when there's no one around. Its quiet. And its just you, the world and distant lights. Midnight runs in the coulees, or river valley... mmm... miss those.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am Hunger.

Sometimes I'm hungry.
At midnight.
There's nothing in the fridge.
My cupboards contain flour, sugar and
the seasoning packages from ichiban.
I get desperate.
Luckily I tend to gravitate to people who
encourage such desperation.
Mmmm. Dominos.
How I've missed you and your cheesy breaded friend.

Sheila Kelly is my new roommate.
She is a breath of fresh air.
Very Alberta.
Which is strange cause she's very
much from Connecticut.
I'm quite happy with the decision
to live with her.
I had my worries, my reservations.
Thankfully this girl is golden.
And completely supports pizza
at midnight.
I may have found my
Massachusetts Cathy.
And that my dears, is brilliant.

Monday, September 14, 2009

See me play.

I've been meaning to mention the fact that my friends from my dental class are so freaking amazing. And the married mormons really have kinda taken me under their wing. I like that they dont shun me because of my empty ring finger. They really have been so awesome and even tho I tend to seventh wheel it, its really great. We've had some fun little get togethers' over the past month or so...

Event One - Brad and Diedre Cammack (tho I neglected to take a picture of them... whoops) hosted a BBQ. Basically I got to be John and Tamsens' third child cause they gave me a ride and everyone else that showed up had a significant other. Its kinda funny... I've noticed a trend that all my dental friends are married/paired up. Its cool tho.
John and Tamsen Keyes
Mel and Derrick

Mark, Nancy, Amit and Heather

Event 2 - Beach Day.

I must say, this whole living near an ocean... new experience for me. But I'm not morally opposed to it. Its pretty relaxing and fun to just head to the beach and lounge about. We tossed a frisbee for awhile (and I discovered I'm an atrocious frisbee player - Derrick got quite the workout chasing down my ridiculous throws).

We did a little bit of clam digging.
Which I'd never seen done
before so it was kinda interesting.

Basically, not being land-locked is growing on me.
Event Three - Clamfest!
John and Tamsen went clamming and we spent the night just eating tons and tons of different styles of cooked clams. Clearly this was not the type of event someone who hates seafood would like... but me? I loved every bite! We had mussels, spinach and artichoke dip, clam chowder, stuffed baked clams, deep fried clams, shrimp. Mmm... it was seriously SO GOOD!

Jealous? You should be. This doesnt even do the night justice. My mouth still waters thinking about it.

I feel like this year, having a pretty good group of dental friends, is really nice. And the married mormons especially are really good at making sure I get any invites to fun things they're doing. They kinda take care of me. And I like that alot. Plus it gives me someone to vent to about Remo and the suck factor that is that class.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nov. 30

The next big day in my life has a date.
November 30. National Dental Boards Part 1.
Eights hours testing everything I learned last year.
Testing everything I promised myself I would forget once those first year tests were over.
I need to know everything (and more) that are contained on these flash cards.

Forgetting may have been a bad call on my part.
But at the time boards seemed so far away!
11 Weeks and counting.
So if you're wondering what I'm doing... assume studying.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This very well could be the most frustrating class. I mean with our other dental classes, I feel like I can handle it. But with Remo... I never know whats going on. Plus it just seems tedious.

Today we made CUSTOM TRAYS.
We cured them and then had to pry them off the base.

Imagine having to get dentures made.
All the impressions.
All the trays.
All the fittings.

All the time in the lab.
All I have to say is: People. Keep your teeth.
Dentures are ANNOYING

Blueberry Love

Dear Aunt Shelly
I remember as a child when my mom first made your blueberry muffins. It was love at first bite. They were warm, light and had an amazing topping on it. It was like nothing I'd ever had. And some of my favorite childhood memories involve these muffins. They were the first thing I ever learned to bake. Mostly because I loved them so much. So thanks Aunt Shel. These muffins bring me home whenever I really need it.
Love Melissa

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I have a great love for Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. They make breakfast DELICIOUS. And snack time? Love them.

So when I discovered that on the back of the box is a recipe for fruit and cheerios... Really, can you go wrong?

So I whipped it up.
A little flour, a little sugar, peaches, raspberries.

Put that in the oven and then crush some cheerios.
Add them to the top and cook some more and you get this!
I wont lead you astray. The cheerios were good. But only when they were crisp. If they fell into the fruit juice they got soggy and werent nearly as delectable. The cooked fruit mixture tho was AMAZING. I know it was just cooked peaches and raspberries but it was delish!

So my conclusion:
Keep the fruit mixture
Veto the cheerios.
I think a nut topping or something that wouldnt get soggy would be better.