Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fridays are Funny

A few things made this Friday interesting:

1. Dr. Brown (in the striped shirt) runs our fixed class. Ya know the class where we learn how to do crowns and bridges. He is most definitely the coolest prof we've got.

He asked for volunteers on Friday to give us a visual on bridges and cantalevers.

Derrick Call and Nick Snider and Ivy Lipman got volunteered by the people sitting around them.

This is them demonstrating why a bridge is so strong. Derrick and Nick were the crowned teeth and Ivy was the rootless pontic that sits above the space in the mouth.

This is them post-showing why a cantalever is not as strong. Nick was supposed to hold Ivy up and Derrick was supposed to support him from behind. It was ridiculous.
And super funny.
Might of just been dental funny tho.

2. As John and I were leaving fixed, we made the mass exodus across Albany street with a ton of other people. And a car love tapped John. Yup the car was texting and not watching the fact that thirty people were crossing the street, and so it wasnt really slowing down. John had to slam his hand on the hood and jump a little to the side into me. It was totally ridiculous. The driver was an idiot.

3. I went to an Enrichment activity. Yikes. Wanna play a name game with like thirty people? The refreshments were very good tho. And might have been the only allure the activity held for me. Is it wrong to just go for the food?

4. I walked from Harvard Square-ish back to my apartment. Its a little over four miles. I took the route next to the Charles River. And it was really nice and peaceful.

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