Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Acrylic Sampler

When I was little I wanted so badly to be an artist. I was always drawing. And art class was my favorite. I loved the thought of painting. But while I love to be creative, not being amazing or even able to get into art classes in junior high and high school always made me feel like I would have to wait to truly enjoy such a creative outlet. My grandma used to paint these great scenic pictures of Old Chief Mountain and I would look at what she created and know that someday I'd want to create like that. 
Well, it's been many years, and it was just a one night class, but I've finally taken my first art class since elementary/junior high. 
I love what a peaceful feeling creating lends. I consciously reminded myself that I wasn't comparing my work to anyone else's but was just enjoying the moment. But I'm actually quite proud of what I made. 

The perfectionist in me could pick out things I'd want to change. But I'm really trying to just enjoy things that I can create on my own. Because I need things in my life that make me happy for the simple reason that I like them. And I very much liked this. I left the class feeling buoyed up and light. I love that little bird. I love that I made it and it's beautiful. And there really is nothing better than looking at something and feeling pride well up in your chest because you made that. It's a little thing. But it made me very happy.

Sunday, June 2, 2013