Thursday, July 23, 2009

The BIG 1-9

He's tall and funny now.
Full of wit and charm.
With an unending ability for empathy and compassion.
And I am more than happy to call him brother.
For his birthday we had a family boating trip - with the Bowie's, complete with tubing, wakeboarding and a BBQ.

The Bowie children were so adorable. This here is Malaura... yup... she did this all on her own and then held it so I could take a picture.

Josh showed off some new moves on the wakeboard. It honestly has been so long since I've gone boating with my family. I had forgotten how much fun it could be.

And for the first time since I was 17, I decided to be brave and do a little wakeboarding of my own. Boy am I rusty. But parts of it that used to make me nervous, didnt this time around.

Mostly I did alot of falling.
But I didnt feel like a hopeless case. And it is pretty entertaining.
Basically I just love Josh. ALOT.

My dad was kinda a crazy person as well.
All facebot and stoners.
His explanation of stoners was quite the gay ol'
Ridiculous man sometimes.

All in all not too shabby of a day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Med Hat Hyde-Away

Welcome to the world of Hydes.
Having not previously known the Hydes (besides Corey and Stefanie), I learned a few things during my visit...

1. They are insanely funny - I mean I knew Blake a little bit and Stefanie (before she was a Hyde)... and they were funny... but to have a whole family, that witty banters back and forth... it was like being with the Leishmans (shout out Bon Tron!). Every family is different, but witty banter... oh I love it.

2. They are very musically oriented (to the point where the fact that they are making up songs all the time and just harmonizing together isnt weird... even if it is)
3. They love love love family time (in a good way) - charades, hand and foot, boating, family movie night, the occasional sing-a-long... It was a short visit and we fit alot in... It was great.

4. My target age range for getting along with people is still the 14-16 year old girls... I blame JV Rubgy.
This here is Kenzie Hyde (soon to be 16) working hard moving the wood pile beside her over like two feet. Man I want parent derived summer jobs again.

5. My love for Stephanie Bissett Hyde has not dimished in the slighest despite our previous separation... the best part about visiting the Hyde's is that Stephanie, in all her pregnancy glory, was there. I mean who doesnt love going and hanging out with a friend you havent seen in ages? Brought me back to the good ol' days of California and Hasselhoff.

6. Mrs. Hyde (the mother of the Hyde Clan) - while slightly intense, is freaking amazing. She builds decks, plants trees, makes their whole yard look amazing, paints, designs the house, is partially psychic... yup... she's one of those moms.

7. The Hyde Boys are hilarious... even if only to themselves. Clark, Blake and Corey would just kill themselves laughing anytime they were within ear shot of each other. And the head stand competition that Corey and Blake had... ridiculous. Stefanie may of had to remind Blake when he was preparing to try a back flip on land, that while competing is fun, having a husband for her child was funner.

8. Just being on a tramp, in a blow up pool, yard, house... really anywhere you get to be relaxing is amazing.

9. Corey loves to match. Doesnt make a difference if it is with me or his neice. He loves it.

40 Mile

On Saturday, the Hyde clan decided that it was too beautiful of a day to not spend it on the lake. Corey was all manly ambition as he anticipated wake boarding and tubing all day long.
Mr. Hyde, Kenzie, Holly, Corey and Myself got to the lake first and had a fun time taking swim breaks in between watching Corey wakeboard.

Then we reunited with the rest of the Hyde family so that we could have lunch.

We tubed and wake boarded.
Corey owned me savagely when we tubed against each other. He had zero mercy.

Clark, Holly, Jane and Kenzie decided they wanted to do a four person tube war.

It was pretty funny. Especially when all four ended up on one tube.
Holly, Jane and Clark Hyde having survived the days fun.

Kenzie loved the four man tubing.

Corey did one final wake boarding run before we left, and he landed a back flip. It was amazing. Ok... I didnt actually see it cause I was taking this picture. But still... kinda cool.
All in all it was ridiculously hot and sunny. The perfect day for boating.

Once upon a time...