Monday, September 28, 2009

Surprise Mel - Its Your Birthday!

There are a few things I like about this picture.

The first being the genuine surprise face Mel is making. Her birthday was on Thursday and Derrick threw together a little surprise get-together for her tonite since he was at school and then out of town for her actual birthday.

The second is the fact that you can see Derrick's face in the mirror. And he is so pleased with how this went down. And really I can't blame him. She was actually surprised. I feel like surprises never work out how you plan them.

Derrick slaved away all day making Mel a cake. What a nice husband.
The trick candles he put on the cake were an interesting touch. One that I dont think was on purpose.

Birthday Girl and her cake!

John's kids were so excited for cake. While we waited for Mel to come - Aiden kept going and checking on the cake. They were only too happy to lick the candles. I think it added to that excitement.

And well... who can blame them.
I was excited for cake too.

I love cake!

And it was a big hit all around.

Abby just laid back and let John spoon feed her cake.
What a good dad John is!

She looked very relaxed - chocolate coma? Might be.
I'd say a pretty successful little get-together. And it was great seeing the finished results of Derrick and Mel's apartment. Cause I helped move them in - and well... lets just say I worried about getting Hepatitis the first time I stepped in. They cleaned and organized like mad to make their place awesome. Plus its just fun to hang out. Seriously I adore my dental friends. They're awesome. For real.

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