Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nov. 30

The next big day in my life has a date.
November 30. National Dental Boards Part 1.
Eights hours testing everything I learned last year.
Testing everything I promised myself I would forget once those first year tests were over.
I need to know everything (and more) that are contained on these flash cards.

Forgetting may have been a bad call on my part.
But at the time boards seemed so far away!
11 Weeks and counting.
So if you're wondering what I'm doing... assume studying.

1 comment:

.Ang. said...

holy smokes.

I was never good with the flash cards... or studying p e r i o d. You've definitely got your work cut out for you. (In lovely shades of green, blue, yellow and ...tan???)

I Know you'll do great. How do i know?? Just cause.. I BELIEVE in you!

A wise man once said "Don't stop believing"