Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Warrior Dash

Dee suggested a while ago that we try our hand at a 3 mile obstacle course race. And while running and obstacles arent usually my thing, truthfully I like that Dee comes up with fun and interesting things for me to do. Yes, they are often outside my comfort zone. But really, trying new things with my friends is less intimidating to me. And I'm pretty much always game for her ideas, so she continues to invite me. So I continue to say yes. Its quite the adventure laden circle. 

Dee picked us up some matching camo shirts - because obviously at the warrior dash you need something tough looking to wear - and I braided Dee's hair and we put on some rather darling bandana's. 
As you can tell we're super tough. 

Of course no warrior outfit is complete without some awesome face paint (the more of the face the more hardcore you are). 
Its tougher that way.

See what I mean?
Super tough. Practically T-U-F-F.

The race itself was crazy. First off, the traffic alone to get to the parking lots was insane... we ended up being an hour and a half late for our race. But it worked out just fine because they had heats of up to 600 people leaving every half hour. It was a crap load of people. We started out running... but that didnt really last long. Yes there was tons of people... but more so there was tons of mud. It was crazy. It has been raining in Boston the last week and it poured rain at 8am when the races started. I had SO much mud in my shoes it was ridiculous. And my heels have paid the price since with the mud came a lot of sticks and stones and other rubbish. Good thing I wore old runners that I knew werent making the trip back with me and scraps heal. Honestly, the majority of the course was like trudging through a bog. At its least the mud came up mid shin. But with each step you didnt know how far down your leg would sink. I wont pretend that I didnt fall a couple times, because sometimes the mud was up to my thigh and sometimes I'm clumsy. I would have to say that my favorite part of the whole thing was the obstacles. I thought that I might be a bit intimidated by them. But truthfully I ended up feeling like it was no big deal. Climb a tall wall with a rope and foot holds. Easy Peasy. Walk across skinny boards. No prob. Jump over some fire. Seriously No Big Deal. It was kind of funny cause I'd be up and over some of the obstacles, and Dee and Meag were like "What the heck? How did you do that so fast?" There was even a mud slip and slide of sorts... but mostly that just means a really steep hill that has nice and slick mud. Lets just say a mud slip and slide is less kind on the bottom, what with all the twigs and rocks sticking out. I ended up rolling down part way so I could save my bum from getting all scraped up. 

At the end we got our warrior medals, t-shirts and got to stand in front of the coldest pressurized water that was blown through fans at us to help us clean off. I must say, even though the water was brutal, when we got to the car I was glad I had decided to be a little more thorough than Meag and Dee.
The only downside to the whole thing was that I couldnt bring my camera. It definitely wouldnt of survived the experience. And that resulted in the post-pictures being less impressive than if I'd been covered in mud. Thankfully, Dee vetoed the water spray.

Dee the Warrior
Isnt she lovely?
And yes, there was a big muddy smear on the hood of her car.
Oh and did I forget to mention I now own that lovely hat as well.
Quite the parting prize.

So our post picture looks like we've each had a bit of an accident. 
I swear its mud!

Dee brought some water bottles and towels to help us clean off some of the mud.
And while that was pretty nice, I was more than ready to jump in the shower when I got home.

WOot Woot Warriors!

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Royall said...

That looks like the funnest race ever and that finish photo is AWESOME!