Thursday, June 2, 2011


Fresh Mozzarella
Easy as 1, 2, 3!

For real, this salad just tastes so fresh and delicious!
I added just a smidge of olive oil and a dash of salt. But other than that this is au naturel.
Cheese is pretty much the reason I could never be vegan (in case you were wondering) - that and actually caring about animals. A little bit, I feel like when you decide to be vegan you really take to heart the bus posters about saving every animal in the world. And thats just a tidge on the crazy side for me. I will say this though, most vegetarian/vegan food is mondo delicious. So props herbivores. I salute you!


Cathy said...

I heart this. It reminds me of Europe. So simple, so fresh, so delish. And I actually have mozza in the fridge. Now for some bazil... I'm so on board.

Shel said...

MMMM... looks like you & Jocelyn have caprese salad in common.

Cathy said...

I made this last night. It was heaven. Fresh basil is so freaking delicious! I never knew. I want this always now.

Sherry said...