Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today I Died

Lately I've been really tired. Like poke your eyes out tired. And I know its completely my own fault. I hate missing anything in Alberta and as such have been spreading myself rather thin. I am not a person who usually is in a constant state of go. But the last couple days have been particularly rough.

On Monday - Technology hated me. Seriously. Everything I touched turned to crap. I got home from work and wanted to upload photos - the internet wouldnt let me. I wanted to do Pilates - the blu ray player wouldnt respond. I wanted to respond to texts I was getting - my phone decided it didnt like that and wouldnt allow me to type anything. I wanted to listen to music on my iPod - it went crazy and was frozen. I wanted to see Dallin - I got a "flat to the rim" flat tire. It was really frustrating.

So on Tuesday I called in sick from work. I felt exhausted and wanted to sleep my issues away. But sadly that didnt happen. Iohane needed to be driven to school. And then my Dad called and needed me to take care of the tires on the car. So I went to Costco to see if they could fix the flat. They told me to come back in an hour. So I went into Costco, tried out a couple couches, picked one and settled in to read. I was tired though and wanted to sleep. But I have my limits and sprawling out on a Costco couch reading was pretty close to one. Sleeping might have been over the top, even for me. So after an hour I head back. And they couldnt fix the flat and were wondering if they should put the donut back on. Well, I had brought four all weather tires. And was slightly annoyed cause I had told the lady if they couldnt fix the flat to put them on. She apparently didnt listen when I said that though. So she said it would be another half hour. I went back to my couch and sprawled even more. I have no shame.

But once the car was back in tip top shape I went to go find help for my cell phone. The people at the cell phone store gave me a number. Which could only be used from a different phone than the one I needed help for. So I went home and called. The guy on the other end tried to make small talk. I suck at small talk. He had me do an interesting little reset move. But my phone rejected his reset. It reset halfway. We waited for like fifteen minutes, in near silence, with him asking me every minute or two, "does the screen still say Palm?" and me replying "Yup." But eventually we tried his reset move again and my phone quit playing hard to get.

But my Grandpa Lowry is sick. I should have been the dutiful granddaughter who went to visit him. But my brothers left without me. Instead I went with Dallin to Fort Mac to watch his sister play ball. I'm glad I did though. Sometime during the first half of the game, my mood shifted. And their team won!

All I wanted from Tuesday was to sleep. Instead I did the necessary things. But this morning I woke up feeling worse than the morning before. Its not like a cold or the flu, but just exhausted. I called in sick again and went right back asleep. The sleep of the dead is a beautiful thing. And something I've been missing. I might get out of bed. I'm still undecided. But I woke up to it being dark... that hasnt happened in awhile.


amy said...

i support this behavior.

Erika said...

I second the supportment of this behavior.

Cathy said...

I'm glad your mood shifted and I'm glad you finally got some sleep. I'm glad you're alive.

Errant said...

oh tell me about these kinda moods .. happens more often .. n flu always makes everything even worse ..