Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cousin Time

Last night I've never regretted not bringing my camera more. I shoulda known that my cousins Jesse and Maikal are a good time. A picture worthy time. I mean I used to do Summer Fun with Maikal. And every moment was picture worthy. I should of known hanging out with him minus the roadtrips and minus Matt wouldnt change that. 

So Jesse comes over last night to wait at our house before the dance. Lethbridge YSA dances scare me. Mostly I just remember the first dance Lindsay ever took me to. There was like fifteen people at most and they were weird and I just remember thinking that dances were not for me. And going to dance without a group of friends. Well that is just asking to stand awkwardly by the side by yourself. Taking one friend isnt good enough. Cause if they get asked to dance you are left standing awkwardly by yourself. I mean sure, there's always the "walk around with a purpose" ploy... but I often feel dumb power walking no where. 

Besides the point. Jesse and I are close to be being friends, despite that we're already cousins. We have common friends but we arent quite to the point where I could call us friends. So he asked if I was going to the dance and I hedged. Cause without a solid invite, going to a Lethbridge dance, where I dont know anyone and have no Cathy or Bonnie, does not sound like a good time. It sounds so not like a good time that I was planning on going to a movie by myself. Because that is guaranteed to be quite enjoyable... whereas dances are totally hit or miss. 

But after asking a couple times if I was going, Jesse asked if I wanted to come with him. I forewarned him that I would be hovering after him the entire night, to which by his laugh I took that as an agreeance that was an acceptable deal, and we headed out. When we arrived we walked into the gym and immediately both wished we could walk right out. The music was blaring and some YSA were DJing. But in the gym there was maybe fifteen people in an awkward circle just dancing their little hearts out. With one ultra-confident person dancing alone in the center. Jesse and I both knew we should have waited longer to come. But we'd figured that the first half hour would be enough leeway time for a crowd to show up. Oh how wrong we were!

We quickly went out to the hall and used the phone to call Maikal. Strength in numbers. Between the time it took to walk the other side of the church to phone and back, and waited the minute or so for Maikal to show up, when we walked back into the gym it was a different story. You could no longer see through the crowd. And standing, arms folded to the side, was now an acceptable option. 

Dont get me wrong. I actually really like dancing. Dance parties are a good time... but having a group of friends to dance with, is pretty mandatory in my books. I knew that if I committed to being there and got Maikal and Jesse to do the same, they could be my group and we'd have fun. But building the energy to do that... to get into the dancing mood... that took a little time. So for the first while we sat to the side and watched everyone. I love watching other people dance. People are just so funny when they're dancing. 

So the dancing occurred. But slow songs are my nemesis. Mostly cause Jesse and Maikal are good boys who ask girls to dance. But as such that left me alone every time a slow song came on. And I no longer know anyone in Lethbridge (dang friends getting married). So a slow song would come on. Suddenly I'd be standing completely alone. Jesse and Maikal are quick and would instantly vanish into thin air beside me. So I would make my way to the outer edges of the dancing, sidestepping many a couple. Once reaching the outer edge though, I would realize each time that I had no where to go. I'd look to and fro but to no avail. But standing alone, surveying couples dancing... well that makes my insides go awkward. So I would see a group of people talking and would sidle up. "Hi, I dont know you but I'm gonna stand by you. Ok? Ok." It actually turned out ok the two times it became necessary to do so. Had a lovely little chit chat with Matt McDonald, who I went to highschool with. He's a funny kid. 

But the dance ends. And I'm ready to head back home. But I drove Jesse and he is still being social and chatting. So I hover near him and Maikal. Jesse then informs me that I need to pick out a cute boy (any cute boy I see) and go over and talk to him. I inform him there are no cute boys. Hahaha. But him and Maikal leave me to go talk to Landon Hatch. I wander behind them. Landon went to the same mission that Josh is at. And as such, right before Josh left, I heard quite a bit about him. He's a nice kid. 

But it gets decided we're going to some James kids house. Maikal, Jesse and I drive over there together. We get there and it was awkward. We could of really used Maikal's Bag of Fun idea... Jesse bailed to get food, so it wasnt even like we could just leave without him. Maikal sent me a text pleading to drive him to his car - Dear Maikal... I definitely did not have my phone on me. And received that text when I arrived home. Sorry. But Landon busted out some sparklers... I like sparklers. We played with those outside. And he informed us, he was trying to get us away from the awkwardness of the inside of the house. Like I said... Good kid. 

So he comes up with an idea... Tie a tube to the back of his truck and go truck sledding. Maikal, Angela Bridge, Meaghan Maxwell, Alex, and I are definitely down for that. So we tie the tube, fill it up with air, and stop. We need someone to step up and go. As anyone who knows me knows, I sometimes avoid doing things, just because I havent done them before. I hate feeling stupid and awkward, and doing something I dont know how to do... thats just asking to feel both of those. But there must of been something in the air, or maybe it was me trying to impress four people I didnt know very well, but I offered to go first. 

So we stopped the truck. Pulled the tube, tied with string out of the truck bed and set it on the packed snow on the road. I sat down on the tube. Angela came out to sit in the truck bed for moral support... and to make sure I didnt die. And Landon got back into the drivers seat to start driving. He started off and let me tell you... It was really fun. I thought I'd be a little more nervous, but I forget that on occasion I can be fearless. He pulled me through alleys and onto streets. And I slid to and fro. It was seriously great. The only dodgey moment was when he crossed a street that didnt have any snow on it. Ya... that felt like the tube would pop. But it didnt and so we continued on our merry way. 

Maikal joined me on the tube. And it was great. Then we let Meaghan and Alex take a turn. Landon totally swung them into a wire. But when we stopped to assess the situation we saw a discarded couch in the alley. The cogs were a working as someone suggested we hook the couch up. So what did we do? Yup, we placed the couch, on top of the tube. It was ridiculous. And Landon kept saying "Seriously, does no one have a camera?" Maikal, Jesse and Alex rode the couch at first. And then we Lowry's decided to take it for a run. 

Honestly, I felt so fearless last night. Someone who would be up for anything. I liked that I was the girl who went on the totally sketchy couch ride. Liked that I laughed so much. Maikal came to the conclusion that his Bag of Fun will include Landon Hatch. I support that decision.


Erika said...

Cousins are awesome!

I am just like you in that I avoid doing things I haven't ever done before so I don't feel awkward and stupid.... I'm so proud of you for going for it and being fearless!

Lana Dawn said...

way to show em how it's done

so proud of that.

Cathy said...

Nicely done. I'm not gonna lie, I was starting to tire of the massive post, but the ending was well worth the read. Atta girl. Just think, "kissing rugby"

Linz said...

so much fun! Hatch is a good kid ... he even told Josh that he could get him hooked up w/ ppl who work in the pearl farms in the Marshall Islands ... so we could be getting some pearls!

I miss Maikal and Jesse!! Even when Jesse texting me at 11 pm PST to try to get me to come and play bball at the Leth Stake Centre from Maikal's phone!