Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ryder is Five

This child is now five.
Its insanity. He's such a big kid now. I still remember the day he was born. I arrived at Grey Nuns hospital in the morning with Steph. It was crazy snowy that day. Steph and I were the first ones to see him. And I was so excited. My nephew. David Ryder. I love Ryd so much. And am so glad I got to be around this year to celebrate with him.

We arrived to see a few gym games going on (freeze tag, what time is it Mr. Wolf?) and of course the Astro jump.

Basically it was just a big family/extended family party. There was pizza and cake and lots of crazy children to play with.
Na-na-na-na-na-na-na... Batman!

So Ryd practised blowing out his candles.
But in the end Katie swooped in moments before the end of the Happy Birthday song and blew them out for him.

Good cake Ryd?

Cake... YUM!

Katie was quite helpful unwrapping presents.
She may have completely unwrapped a couple.

Its not a birthday till someone cries... preferably the birthday boy.
Ridiculous crying? Check.
Good thing Uncle Ben could talk him off the ledge.

But how about everyone helping him with his transformer helmet. Awesome right? It was kinda complicated.

Is it mean to say the birthday boy
had some serious mood swings?

He's pretty cute though.
I'll give him that.

This girl too.
She'd drag me in the astro jump... have me run in circles either chasing or being chased. She's kinda hilarious like that.

And this work of art.
Cone head. By Ben Lowry. Featuring Iohane Lowry.

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Linz said...

love it!! I wish I could have been there!