Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My room is finally clean. It only took four weeks to do. Yup thats right folks. It was disgusting for four whole weeks. Living out of a suitcase is so fun. And I'd love to pretend like I cleaned it. But I didnt. My mother couldnt stand the horror that was my room. Tho she said I was supposed to tell Dallin that it was me who cleaned it. HA. Sure wasnt. So I helped her move a dresser in and then she picked up and put away all the clothes while I informed her what was being kept and what wasnt. She's good to me like that. And... Someday I'll catch up on the blogging. Tuesdays are usually half days at work. So this might happen. Cause boy do I have stories.

Also I have good friends.
Who mail me lovely things like this book.


To be continued...