Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter and Waterton IV

Story Time Yo!

Round One.

Cathy brought fruit snacks.
We love fruit snacks.
Bonnie decided to take control of the fruit snacks.
She liked the power of it all.
While we waited for Cathy and Trent (our only snowshoers), Bonnie doled out fruit snacks.
Her throw was terrible.
But Clark showed off his own skills.
Good work team.

Round Two

We wanted to sled.
But our sled wouldnt slide down the hill.

Bonnie decided to help get Cath on her way.

It took a little bit.

But eventually she got on her way.

That ride was ok so we decided to try the knee board we brought with.

Bonnie did her best to help Amy go down the hill.

It didnt work out so hot.

And decided that rolling down the hill was a better option.

Round Three
This picture got taken and Bonnie cried a little about her hair.

So she decided to take her toque off. Like that would help.

Bonnie. Sometimes you have terrible ideas.

This next one was really bad.

"I'll put snow in my hair. That'll fix it"
Bad Idea Bonnie. From now on that is what you shall be known as. Bon Tron is a thing of the past. Bad Idea Bonnie. That is the future.

Feel free to laugh at how ridiculous Bonnie is.

So I decided to help a poor girl out. I have mad skills. Promise.

But not before spiking it like we were back in Junior High.

Bon Tron. I like you cause you're cute.

See? I made it better.

Round Four

So here's the story. Scottie Too Hottie decides that he will take a turn sledding down the hill off the side of the road. Several people had gone before.
So Scottie jumps head first onto the sled. And hits a rock and goes flying. He picks himself up and heads down feet first.
After he bails at the bottom we hear a call from Scott below.
"My pockets were undone. The car keys and my phone are gone."

Scottie. Why? Why must you be like that?

Bonnie calls out for prayer. And the rest of us call out for someone to call his phone. We're standing at the top of the hill where Scott first wiped out. And suddenly I heard buzzing. The phone was in the snow. We got them to keep phoning and we started to follow the buzzing.
We narrow it down and Clark and I begin digging in the snow. He busts out the phone. I keep digging in the snow and find the keys.

Yup. Clark and I are awesome.
Friends on, for sure.

Round Five
Let it be seen. This is Bonnie sledding down the side of the road.
At the end... where the sled goes flying off the edge. Keep that in mind.
Its a cliff. That leads to the creek below.

Round Six.

Cathy and I decided to go down the hill. We didnt realize two things:
1. That we'd be going really fast
2. That we'd need to bail so early so we wouldnt go over the cliff.

Yup... we did not bail. And were therefore destroyed by the cliff and the trees below.

Cathy jacked her ankle. Lost her boot and one snow shoe was ripped off.
My whole left side was dead. Not cool.
There was like ten feet of untouched snow that we
flew over. Insanity.

Yup. We were at the bottom and we're just killing ourselves laughing.
Hysterically. Because we were dead.

All in all a pretty great day.

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Everything about this day was perfect. Even jacking my ankle. Because it resulted in an excellent story. How many people can say they went off a cliff sledding? In Waterton all things are better. Even photogenicity.

PS. That video of Bonnie kills me every time. Especially taking our little adventure into account.