Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My tests are done.
My bags are half packed.
My laundry is sitting next to the door waiting to be done before I leave.

And I kinda feel blah. Sure I'm glad I get to go home. But at the moment traveling feels like such a hassle. Packing is too much. And the thought of coming home to everything changed, it makes me feel a little bit of dread.

Tomorrow comes quickly though. And my anxiousness wont change that.


lauren said...

yay! you're done!!
how exciting.
enjoy your holidays!

Linz said...

buck up dolly! you'll be home soon enough!

Lana Dawn said...

i know the feeling.

and i just wanted to say

i love your blog. your honesty. your thoughts. all of it. thanks for having it? (this comment just turned awkward because i feel like that is phrased weird... ) oh well

see you soon? hopefully?

Cathy said...

I'll soon change that! Coming home to everything changed?! Nada, I'm still here same 'ol. I'm so excited to see you!

Bonnie said...

still here - don't worry about things changing

and forgive me for not coming to the airport - i work tomorrow morning -and morning comes so early - and i get to see my new niece tonight for the first time! BUT I WILL SEE YOU TOMORROW!

Ash Att said...

thats awesome your all done with your tests! it feels great huh?!