Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter and Waterton III

Bonnie's phrase of the day?
"This is a non-judgement day right? We're not gonna be judging my outfit right?"
"If you see something that you think is my bum, I promise you it is not"
Oh Bonnie.

Then she promptly harshly judged me and my winter outfit.
The Leishman Cabin is not winterized. But the fire was a roaring.
Trent does good work.

Cathy hates pink. But loves her snow pants.
I like them too.

Amy. I like your layers.

We all snuggled into the car to drive to Red Rock Road (or whatever its called).
Cathy, Me, Clark Cahoon and Bon Tron.

We put Trent in the back of the burb. Poor dear. When we were done for the day we accidentally forgot him in there. And never came back for him.


Erika said...

Love the pink snow pants, and Im not a huge fan of pink either.

Question: This clark cahoon, did he or does he by any chance go to BYUH??? I think I know all his roommates but he was the one who was in like Israel or something.... Yes?

Melissa said...

Yes. He most definitely does go to BYUH. And I most definitely asked him if he knew you. He'll be there in the new year. And he's kinda a cool guy. I'm sure you'll be friends.

Cathy said...

I'm not a fan of pink either! But boy do I love this snowsuit. And pics of me in it...