Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Anti-Christmas Christmas

This year my mother vetoed Christmas Dinner. On Christmas anyways. She figured the big waffle breakfast we have and the left over Chinese food would be enough. She wanted a break. She needed to get to enjoy the day instead of slaving away making dinner. And truth be told - I bluster that is was a big deal to me. But really it wasnt. I didnt even miss Christmas Dinner. And its not like I havent missed it before (the year they refused to wake me up for dinner). So woman - we bluster at your need to change tradition, but all in all I really didnt mind.

So this is how the day went.

We ate breakfast. Mm.... waffles are SO filling. And = LOVE.
Then we sat down to open presents. The phone rang - anyone who knows us knows that we all contemplated ignoring the phone.
Good thing we didnt. It was Missionary Matt. Calling for Christmas.

Say Hello Elder Lowry

I miss Matt.

He had a half hour  to talk to us. But we thought he had an hour. All I wanted to do was just talk to him on my own. So when we finally started doing individual seshes I was excited. My turn came. I asked him about his companion. If he was cute... he stopped and ask his companion if he was cute. Matt relayed that the answer was yes. And then asked if I wanted to talk to him. NO! I wanted to be talking to Matt. If his companion thinks I'm cute and is cute himself thats just a bonus right?

In my opinion missionary phone calls are always freaking awkward. I love my brothers but when they become the name tag... Man, phone calls are awkward. But hearing Matt's voice. That was good. I cant wait for him to come home. Sure its another like 10 months. But I'm already prepping myself.

The children said hello to Matt.
That last a whole ten seconds.
Then they were bored.
And wanted to open presents.
And Katie proceeded to go and stand on every single present.

These two are cute.
And kinda my favorite.
Its fun like that.

So Ryder was asked to open a present for the new baby Stryker (P.S. the babies real name isnt stryker we just call her that cause seriously thats a ballin name)
Please notice his face. I caught it from the side but its still epic.

Poor child looks SO disappointed.
Katie on the other hand LOVED it. The baby is gonna have to fight her for it.

My father received house keys.
That have been sitting on the microwave since the installation of the new doors.

My parents think they're funny.

I got a new camera. That I already love.
Many pictures have already been taken with it.

FYI Cathy and I have matching cameras now.

The children got real gifts too.

Ryder needed to be told that his sweater was cool tho before he was happy with it.

Ryder unwrapped a printer.
In which was hidden a Batman xbox game.

He was pumped.

Dave unwrapped his present. There was a lot of newspaper.

But the iPod touch was totes worth it.

This is really proof that Lindsay and Ben got gifts.

Our Christmas was pretty low key.

But I actually kinda liked that.

My mother vetoed Christmas dinner.
But it really wasnt a big deal.

I like that our family is low key.
Makes me happy.

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Erika said...

Camera is the best present ever. I expect to see the fruits of this in the future. ANd by future, i mean like, NOW.