Sunday, December 20, 2009


Friday Dec. 18 

9:36 am

Ryder and Katie arrive and wake me up. Times have changed. Katie loves me now. Both children have grown. Both children are darling (which doesnt negate their insanity). Both children make me supremely happy to be home.

9:37 am
Ryder is a big kid.
He shows off his jumping skills.

9:42 am
Grandma suggested playing with
Grandpa's birthday present. Teeth
have not been brushed. But the
children are excited and ready to
play. There is no denying them.

10:03 am
I realize that I now have a stock with Katie.
She calls my name. And smiles at me.
And she likes me better than other people.
Times have changed.

10:39 am
Katie begs me to play cards with her.
I teach her and Ryder to play war.
I love them.

12:14 pm
The children are hungry.
Their father makes them ichiban.
They want me to eat with them.
Ryder asks his Dad to make me ichiban.
He refuses.
The children share their ichiban with me.

1:23 pm
Ben and I need to leave to run errands. The children
want to come. I tell them they need to clean up cards
in order to be allowed to come. They do so easily. It
is darling to be so adored. They are not allowed to
come. But are promised they will play with me again.
I cant believe we have been playing since 9:30 am this
morning. They are are more fun to play with now that
they are older.

I love them. The End.


Lana Dawn said...

remember when i love you?

remember when we should ACTUALLY hang out over the break because it would be fun, and i would like you and call your name and want to play with you.

the kids are cute, and there is nothing better than feeling loved by them.

Amit and Heather said...

I'm glad you're having so much fun with them! (And I'm super glad you're finally blogging about what you've been up to!)