Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dec. 16 - Sister Missionaries

Something that I really like about Sheila is that she's kinda super tight with the Sister Missionaries in our ward. Makes me feel like she's a good person and all. And her good influence cant be bad to keep around. And the sisters are actually kinda hilarious. Quirky. But hilarious. In fact, I may have witnessed Sister Crandall rap the story Book of Mormon stories song while Sister Phillips beat boxed. It was awful. But kinda hilarious. And I'm sure iHop really enjoyed it. But after lunch one day, we invited them to come have dinner and make Christmas cookies before I left.

Sister Phillips couldnt make it but Sister Storer got to enjoy the evening. And showed off her domestic skills a bit (tho she was slightly insane and I recall her bearing her testimony of Nordstrom high heels). Sheila's hometeacher brought us Pizza and we devoured more than a few Pumpkin Chocolate chip cookies (they werent that great tho and as such I refuse to post the recipe).

Good times with the Sister Missionaries. It reminds me of the missionary dinners I would have Year Two University. Where the missionaries kept falling in love with my roommates. Kinda awkward. Funny tho.

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