Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter and Waterton II

I'll say it right now. I love my friends. And they are the reason that Waterton is great for me. If we were somewhere else, I would love it there too. I'm not picky. Being with them makes me happy. They're hilarious. ALL THE TIME. And ya just can beat that. And amazing in a hundred other ways.

For instance, during this Christmas season I havent been doing a ton of driving. I technically dont really have a car of my own. So they come and pick me up. For pretty much everything we do. And drive me home. They're seriously amazing.

Plus how cute are Bon Tron and I?
I just like us.

Another example you say? We're driving in the Leishman Suburb on our way to Waterton.
It is a tight fit.
Cathy, Bonnie, Me, Trent.

And then Scott and Jon Leishman and Amy in the front.
Tight fit.
But my friends kinda like me.
And let me lay across them in the back.

Good people I tell you.

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