Monday, December 14, 2009

Massachusetts Miss

All I ever talk about is Alberta. And my love of the people I left behind there. I know that. But thats not to say that there arent things and people in Massachusetts that I wont miss while I'm home for the next two and a half months. And here is the all-encompassing list.

1. Sheila Kelly

I'm pretty sure God knew I wouldnt survive this year without a really good roommate.
As such, he did some major orchestrating last year and gave me the opportunity to live with Sheila. I had my doubts (I mean I didnt actually know Sheila...) and I was close to vetoing the idea. But I also have wise parents who told me to be brave. And I could not be more happy that I listened to their sage advice. Everyday I am grateful for Sheila. She's someone who I implicitly trust and who I will truly miss while I'm in Alberta. Living with her this last six months has been amazing. I love how smart she is. And how real. And it doesnt hurt that she thinks about things in a similar way to me. She's funny and very Alberta, in a place that is very not Alberta. If I could bring her home with me I would. Cause I know she would be best friends with my friends back home. And she'd love how fun Alberta is. I love that we've been able to get close over our time as roommates. And I kinda hope she doesnt end up falling in love when she goes and visits Utah. Cause I'd be sad if she moved and got married. Sheila is amazing. The end.

2. The Dental Family

Doesnt matter that I'm that random single girl in our group. Doesnt matter that most of the time its just me and the marrieds. They include me anyways. Our family dinners are usually my favorite part of the week. And time spent with them is always well spent. Individually and as a group they are hilarious. And I dont doubt that they give me so much more than I give them. I never was the type to make friends in University - so this having a group of friends in my classes, is a new thing for me. One I kinda like. Its fun being able to gripe to someone when our teachers are insane (*cough Remo cough*). And have people to make sure I'm doing the right thing in our labs and assignments. And they keep inviting me to be part of the group even when I'm anti-social and dont. I try lots of new things with the dental crew (clam night, yoga, making teeth?). They keep life interesting. The dental family makes it so the pathetic state of my singles ward out here doesnt phase me (for the most part). I like them a million times more than the freaking singles ward. They're my Massachusetts people. And that is awesome.

3. The Slightly Milder Mass. Weather
Mm. ya... I do not like to be cold. And so all the bragging Alberta has been doing lately of being the coldest place in the world... not a huge fan of that. I mean it got below zero here and I let out a small whimper. I'm still wearing capri sweat pants. Clearly I am weak and not Alberta weather tough. I mean sure Boston is gonna eventually get cold and snowy. And they do that wet snow that makes me wanna cry... but at least its no -35 Celsius. Oh. Gross. Thankfully its supposed to warm up come Thursday. Now if I can just convince Alberta to stay a little warmer through January and February I will be set. No? Not gonna happen? Blast.

Hmm... turns out thats all I'm gonna miss. ahahahha. Good list.


Cathy said...

I wish you could bring Sheila home. She is not a tangible being to me. And I would like her to be. Also, I do not brag of our bitter cold. I cry. As I wrap myself in blankets and pray our furnace gets fixed soon.

Amit and Heather said...

Your married dental friends will miss you too!!

Sheila said...

And I would like to go home with you so that I can meet Cathy! And see the mysterious world of normal Mormons! But I'll wait until you two are in a less intimidatingly freezing cold environment...


Linz said...

Too funny! I've prayed for a while that you'd make good friends down there!!

Ps - your thing that tells where ppl are from sucks! I'm in Coquitlam ... not Poco ... and yes there is a difference!
Pps - I would like to meet Sheila too ... I know I'm not as cool as Cathy but I am your sister!

Tamsen said...

We love you too Melissa:)