Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dec. 26 - Anti Christmas Dinner

Ok.. I'll admit. I made it sound like my mom cancelled Christmas. But lets be real for a moment. She would if she could. She's already streamlined us to the point where if she tries to cut out anything else she will have a mutiny on her hands. And that would end badly for her. We dont need much, but our traditions matter. Not to her. But to us.

But we deep fried a turkey. And it was amazing. Dave was totally quality control. He does a good job. Thats why we like him.

Katie came post-nap. And kinda reverted to the little girl of the summer. The one that makes grown adults cry cause she's ruthless in holding out her love. She's not a "just woke up" kinda person.

I cant really blame her tho. Grumpy pants run in the family on occasion. Or at least we share them.

Ben and my Dad played with Ryder's toys. It was precious.

Dinner was amazing.

It always is.

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Erika said...

Your mom loves you. :)