Friday, December 25, 2009

Mormon Fight Club.

Yes. You read that right folks. In Alberta, the land of amazingness, we do things like have a fight club night. Mormons gather together in someones basement. We all surround the walls as two people fight in the middle. It was surprisingly fun. I know... it sounds barbaric. And it was. But it was also really entertaining. And rather well controlled. We had refs to make sure it didnt get out of control, a time limit and more than enough people willing to either box or wrestle. Really, is there anything better on a Saturday night?

Scott Leishman and I arrived about halfway through the fights. We just barely missed the fight where the one kid got his nose broken. But we witnessed some really great fights. You cringe, but secretly love it. It took some major convincing to get Bonnie and Cathy to come. They were anti for sure. But once they arrived they realized that only in SoAB could something like this come to be. We tried our hardest to think who in Edmonton would willingly participate in such an event. The list was pretty short.

Eric Eklund vs. Jermaine Forbes

And yes. Your eyes are not decieving you. Eric Eklund is not wearing any pants. It was slightly inappropriate. But hilarious as well. And I'm totally busted being into my phone right at this moment.

For real tho. How ripped are these guys? Every guy there was like that. Even the ones I secretly would wish fatness onto.

"Kid whose name I should know but have forgotten" vs. Clayton Willoughby

Clearly its not turning out so hot for Clayton. He totally had a blood filled mouth. Luckily he didnt spit it all over Cathy this time around.

Tanner Tolman vs. Braden Hamilton and Alan Pavan

Tanner Tolman was one of Josh's closest friends. He won provincials for wrestling in highschool and I'm pretty sure continued with some sort of fighting since then. And as such people didnt think it would be fair for him to fight one on one with someone. And really, I dont blame em.

It was crazy to see. There wasnt so much a winner persay, but Tanner was fighting two on one. Come on. Clearly we thought he should win.

But after the two on one, people thought that Alan Pavan looked like he gave a good showing and might be able to handle Tanner on his own.

 Jimbo did ok for a bit.

Until he wasnt.

I took secret pleasure out of watching this. He turned purple. And had to tap out because he was getting destroyed. It was great.

Dan Osmond vs. "Random Kid whose house this was at"

Do you feel the power? Freaking day. Please zoom up and notice that every muscle in Dan's body is rippling. Sheila - am I going to zoom into this and make it into a poster for you? Yes. The answer is always yes.

Please love this with me. P'wned. I dont even care who won.

Sometimes the fighting got close to us. In fact sometimes the fighting was on top of the people on the sidelines. Of course the ref stopped it - but not before a few punches were thrown on top of someone. The poor people behind me. I definitely would try to disappear into them if the fighting got too close.

The Final Fightdown.

You cant have a fight club without a guy with legit tattoos. I mean sure, a couple of the mormons had some nice chest tats. But this guy... oh - they were everywhere! He apparently is like a UFC fighter. He did pretty dece.

That is until he got tired.
Garrett MacLeod. You are amazing PS.

Freak I love Alberta. And that things like this occur. Boston and its snootiness would never allow this. They'd want to talk about art or some other crap. And how they go to MIT (Harvard, BU, insert other high end, high status school). Oh Alberta. You're freaking awesome.


Ash Att said...

that is awesome!!! basically you are so cool!

Erika said...

I had no idea!

secret things are happening in Lethbridge.