Friday, December 25, 2009

Dec. 24 - Christmas Eve

We tell secrets

We have Chinese food. (except Ryd who "apparently" hates it - weirdo)

We do Dog-Piles

We make the children play nice (aka take a nice pic)

And momma makes us play a lame (and I mean LAME) Christmas Eve Gift opening game (aka we pass the present around until it gets to the right person and a bell is rung.. like I said. Lame. And can I add stupid - its for the children apparently)

The only disappointment was the lack of our Christmas Eve presents involving PJs. We always get PJs on Christmas Eve. Or bed product presents like blankets.

Woman. Dont you know that traditions are great because they... keep going year after year. They're traditions. And PJs on Christmas Eve is tradition.


*shades of bridget* said...

YES I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN!!!! ha ah we were seriously just having this convo today

Erika said...

love the play-by-play!


Dallin said...

Ha ha. "Woman".

Cathy said...

a) I am jealous of your chinese food and want to make some now.
b) I knew you weren't getting pj's for Christmas. Sorry. Also sorry about the lack of Christmas dinner, had the heads up on that one too.
But in your mother's defence I think you did alright for yourselves anyways.

Anonymous said...

I kinda feel sad for your mom...little harsh don't you think?

Melissa said...

Woman is a term of fondness for me. So no - I dont feel bad. I love my mother.